Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I've Decided That I Suck

Yes, it's true. I have decided that I now officially suck at blogging! I remember back in the day, I would post every single day! And then, once or twice a week...and now...hardly ever! And I make promises to make posts about this and that and some super exciting thing that has happened. And then, I never do! So, I have decided to try my best to do better. Not so that anyone else can read it (cause let's face it, who really wants to read all about my life?) But for myself, so that I can look back and read this. Kind of like a very public journal of sorts! I also have decided that to catch up all at once would be extremely hard for me, and very boring for all of you. Instead, here is a list of what has been going on in our family, followed by a few pictures. Or maybe even a hundred pictures. It's my blog and I'll ruin it the way that I want to! :)

1. We freaking drove cross country and MOVED to Houston TX!
2. Liam turned 2 yesterday! He still did not care for presents or a party, but he sure had fun at Chuck E. Cheese with my family!
3. Life has been so crazy and unpredictable and not the happiest. BUT, I plan to try and fix that.
4. Unpacking is not my favorite chore...in fact, it has been 2 weeks now and the house is still full of boxes
5. No one follows me on Twitter, and I am fine with that. haha
6. People in Texas are SO nice! Strangers always say things like "Hello, beautiful children you have" and "God bless you". It's pretty fun. Liam always says hi back!
7. I have made so many wrong moves lately, but learning from mistakes makes a person stronger...right??
8. Christian is at a job interview as I write this.
9. I am so excited for fall. Although Fall here is not what it is in Utah, it still gets cooler (like 80 degrees instead of 100) and I have fond memories of Halloween here. Plus fall is football. This is a great song and video about football. Listen if you would like! (be sure to push pause on my other music first)
10. I am looking forward to new things, new friends and new traditions. Although I will miss Utah, and the great people there, I think I will love it here too. Plus, NO SNOW!!!

Stopping in Spanish Fork to say goodbye to Grandma K

Driving through beautiful Moab

My favorite spot in the whole house!

A few pics from the mall on Friday

My birthday boy!


Veronica said...

I owe you a phone call! Sorry...life is insanely busy.

Carli said...

Well, with 5 kids, I bet it's busy! call me whenever.