Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Christian nominated me to be Mother of the year with Utah baby guide. I nominated Christian's mom. The funny thing is that out of all of those people, only 13 finalist were chosen and BOTH of us were chosen as finalists! The winner is chosen through votes and the winner gets a ton of baby stuff which I will be needing in 6 short months! Just click on the free baby magazine button on my sidebar and vote for contestant #4, which is me, or contestant #5, Christian's mom. Or you can go straight to http://www.utahbabyguide.com/mother-of-the-year.html . It is quick to vote as you just send an e mail to contest@utahbabyguide.com with the numbers you want to vote for in the subject line. Only one vote per e mail though! If you vote, THANK YOU!

Monday, March 30, 2009

So Excited!

Remember the blog I posted about my friend, Alicia's, giveaway for a photography session? Well, I WON! Yay! I seriously can not wait to get some amazing pictures taken of our family in the spring flowers. If you live in Utah and need a photographer, she is really good. She took my pregnancy photos and did my birth announcements for Kennedy. To see some of her work, go HERE.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

12 weeks FINALLY!

Just like a magic switch, I hit 12 weeks of pregnancy and start to feel better. Is some of it mental? I have no idea. But it sure feels good! I have not felt sick once today (knock on wood). First trimester, done! The other reason I am so happy today is that it is a whole 50 something degrees outside! Cold to most of you, warm enough to take Kennedy for a walk to me! We took a nice little walk to the library and then to Rubios for a great Mexican lunch. Here is one more thing that made me happy this week. 3-D pictures of the little baby growing inside of me. They are not great quality because I don't have a scanner, so these are from the iPhone. Any guesses on if it is a boy or a girl? I have no clue, but I think it might be a boy just because I have a girl already. I guess we will see in 6 more weeks!

Close ups

Friday, March 27, 2009


Thank you to my friend, Michelle, who is allowing me to use her serger to make my covers! I had a lot of questions on facebook about what kind of car seat covers I am making. They are not the kind that cover the whole seat. It is more like a tent that goes over the car seat. I love it for many reasons.

1. It keeps your baby shaded while in their seat
2. It keeps people from touching your baby (therefore, keeping germs out)
3. They are really cute and attach right to your seat so you don't have to cover your seat with a blanket every time you go out!

I will be making a few tonight at my friends house and will be sure to post some samples of what I am taking about! They cost me about $20.00 to make with the fabric, ribbon, buttons and Velcro, so I will probably sell them for about $30.00 along with a handy clip that goes around your neck to turn it into a nursing cover.

Lastly, I asked for a few name ideas and here are some that I got. Tell me if you like any of them.

1. Kennaboo (after my daughter since we call her that)
2. Carli's creations
3. Carli's closet
4. Sunny Side up (my idea, but does it make you think of eggs? haha)
5. Kennabootique (kinda long?)

Monday, March 23, 2009

2 posts in 1 day!

2 things...#1, my good friend, Alicia, is having a giveaway on her blog. She is an amazing photog and is giving away a free 1 hour session with the CD! go check out her page and contest by clicking here ---> Sweet Nothings.

Second, I have a bunch of stuff done to start my etsy account, but I have a few more items I need to finish. In order to finish them, I need to use a serger. I would buy one, but I can't seem to find a few hundred dollars just lying around. If you have one, or know someone who would let me use it for a few hours, PLEASE let me know. I really want to finish so that I can finally open my shop and let you see all the cute things I have made. If not, I guess that will be my birthday present and I won't be able to open up shop until July! Also, if you have any cute name ideas for my shop, please let me know. If it helps, I am going to be selling car seat tents, blankies, tutus and wipe covers. All names will be considered. Thanks!

She makes me laugh

I vow to finally charge my video camera since I have not used it in about 3 months! Kennedy is so dang funny lately. She makes me laugh all the time. I need to post videos of her being her crazy self so that my family can see it. He favorite song right now is "All the Single Ladies". She watches the video on youtube and tries to dance like Beyonce. It cracks me up. I have to get it on tape! Until then, here is a cute pic I took of her on Saturday before it decided to turn FREEZING and snow again! This is her saying "CHEESE!"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wheeler Farm

Since it has been so nice out, we decided to go to Wheeler Farm today. It was so fun and so nice! Kennedy is not afraid of any animal. She charged the geese, pet the big horse and the baby lambs. She is such an animal lover so we had a great time. After that, we went to McDonald's since she asks to go there every time we pass it. I wanted to spoil her today since she had to get her 18 month shots.

While at the doctor, I was informed that Kennedy needs to weigh more! She is in the 75th percentile on her height, but she only weighs 21 pounds! I now have to supplement her milk with carnation instant breakfast and try to give her as many calories as possible. I swear my child eats...she is just tiny I guess. Kennedy was so good for her shots and only cried for 5 seconds until she had a sucker shoved into her mouth....so, I decided to spoil her again and get her a cherry pie. Hey, she needs the calories, right?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wonderful Weather!

It is so awesome that the sun is shining, it is warm enough to wear flip flops and dress my child in overalls! I LOVE it! It is supposed to be like this until Saturday, and then....more snow! BOO! Well, it will be warm soon. I am so excited! On another note, I started watching a little boy from home this week. He is so cute and tiny! It has been nice to see what it will be like when I have a baby around here. Kennedy loves him, but she gets jealous too and tries to act like a baby to get my attention. Sometimes, when I hold him, she grabs on to my legs and says "mama,mama" and wants to be held. I guess she will have to get used to it though. She likes to give him toys and pacifiers even though he is not interested. At least I feel like it is possible to have 2 kids and survive...although it will be really tough at first. Just 29 1/2 more weeks! HA!

No, you may NOT take my picture!

But, I took one anyway

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How I feel today

I just woke up and I had an urge to post how I am feeling today. Although I am still a bit sick, I just woke up and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that I have. It is not much, but it is the world to me! I have a husband who loves me, an amazing daughter who brightens up my day, everyday, a place to live, food to eat, a car to drive and the gospel in my life. I also have life growing inside of me that I already love even though I have never met them! I think it helps my mood that the sun is shining outside and it will get to be about 50 degrees today! WAHOO! I just feel good. I really am interested to know what makes you feel good too so leave me a comment and let me know. the picture below was taken yesterday afternoon. Kennedy fell asleep in the car for 2 hours with beads in her mouth.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daddy's Shoes

Kennedy is such a shoe girl! She not only loves to pick out her own shoes for the day, but she loves to try on everyone else's! I catch her trying on my shoes and her daddy's shoes many times a day. Oh, I love this girl! Too bad she is sick....again! Poor girl.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Morning

It is now 9:30 on a Saturday morning. Kennedy woke up at about 8:00 and Christian put her in our bed to sleep. Well, they are still in bed, fast asleep! I just had to take a picture of this.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sickness go away!

I know I should not be complaining, not one bit! I am blessed to be pregnant right now...but at this point "WHAT WAS I THINKING" is definitely going through my brain. I was not really sick with Kennedy, but now, I am sick every single day, all day, non stop! I feel like I have a stomach virus, only it is not going away in 24 hours like it should. It is the kind of sick where when my husband makes popcorn, I gag from the fumes...when I even try to take a prenatal vitamin (so NOT happening) I gag it back up...and nothing ever sounds good to eat (but if I don't force myself to gag something down I am even more sick!). I am also so exhauseted and am getting crazy headaches on top of all of this. The reason I think I am writing this is so that the next time I think about getting pregnant, I will remember what it did to me! But, at least I will get a sweet little baby out of all of this. I just hope my sickness will go away soon!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor?

What is it about the past 2 seasons of The Bachelor? I have been watching every episode this season because I LOVED Jason and thought he had his head on straight after being hurt so many times...and I was so happy when he chose Melissa. Only to be EXTREEMLY dissapointed when like 10 seconds later, he dropped her like a bad habit and chose "whats her face". I should not be so emotionally invested in a dumb tv show, but I was, and now I am so upset and sad for Melissa and agree with her when she called him a bad word that started with a B and ended with stard! What the heck? Is anyone else mad, or am I just weird? haha! I can not believe I am posting about a tv show!