Monday, March 23, 2009

She makes me laugh

I vow to finally charge my video camera since I have not used it in about 3 months! Kennedy is so dang funny lately. She makes me laugh all the time. I need to post videos of her being her crazy self so that my family can see it. He favorite song right now is "All the Single Ladies". She watches the video on youtube and tries to dance like Beyonce. It cracks me up. I have to get it on tape! Until then, here is a cute pic I took of her on Saturday before it decided to turn FREEZING and snow again! This is her saying "CHEESE!"


Alicia said...

Hey girl! If you blog about my giveaway, you can get another "entry"!!! I know you want that photo session...!!!

Lanette Sanders said...

No, sorry. I need one for what I want to do on etsy so it really bites.