Thursday, December 31, 2009

Many Posts Combined into one!

Christmas Eve
It has been a while since I have posted, but I have good reasons. My family was in town for Christmas and I have not been home to type anything in days! I will start back from Christmas Eve. We all opened our Jammie's from my wonderful parents. Kennedy got a beautiful princess nightgown which she loved so much that she cried when we took it of to get her dressed the next day. After getting dresses in our pajamas, we went to eat at IHOP before going to look at Christmas lights. Kennedy was so excited about everything that she would not go to bed! We figured that since it was Christmas eve, we would let her stay up. (she did not go to bed until 12:30!)
Christmas Day
Christmas morning, she did not wake up until 10:00, so we did not open presents until around then. After she opened her stocking, she just wanted to play with everything. She opened about 2 presents before she was on overload and went to her room to play with her toys. Christian and ended up opening most of her gifts and she did not mind one bit. I think that her favorite gift was "The Little Mermaid" DVD and a princess dress up truck. She got a video game system (vmotion) from my mom, but since she did not know what it was, she said "I don't wike that one". She makes me laugh! Liam just chilled a always and got a lot of clothes. I got a new camera, so I was happy! Christian got a Wii, so we have had fun playing with that lately. After gifts, we opened MORE gifts at grandma Linda's before going to eat Christmas dinner at Christian's aunts house. I was such a wonderful day.

Day after Christmas: Blessing Day
We blessed Liam on Saturday at the church. It was so low key and a lot of family was able to make it out. Liam looked so cute in his little white outfit and he was good the entire time. He is such a sweet baby boy. I know i keep saying that, but he is the best baby. We love him so much and are so happy that he is a part of our family.
(most of these pictures were taken with the iphone s they are bad quality)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

An angel and a demon

Little Liam is not so little anymore! He is 2 months old and 12 pounds now! He is already in 3 month clothing and he pushes his head up, smiles and coos. He really is an angel baby and hardly ever cries!
On another note, Kennedy has been acting like a little demon lately! It is not just her being 2 years old either! She is so hyperactive and challenging! Saturday at about 1:30 am, I went into her room and she was still awake!!! No lie! I started a new routine where I bathe her and then read to her til a timer goes off. Then I say goodnight and leave. She tries for about an hour to come out asking for drinks, saying she is scared and lots of other excuses. I put her back in bed and leave. She always stays awake! Last night, she was still up reading a book at MIDNIGHT! My child is never tired! We woke her up earlier today to see if that will help, but I doubt it. She will just nap and then stay up late again. It is horrible! She also loves to climb on the counters to get whatever she wants instead of asking. She thinks she can do everything alone. Here I am, a graduate of college with a bachelors in Early Childhood education and I can't get my own kid to go to bed or go potty! I tried all of the tricks that I learned in my classes and they DO NOT WORK! She is so independent and stubborn. I love her to death but man! I need some help from super nanny or something! (or from you if you have any advice!) Here is what I need help with...
1. She knows how to go pee and poo on the potty cause she does it when she wants to, but she prefers to go in her pull up and then ask to have a new pull up when she goes in it! We tried treats, but she does not seem to care what the prize is.
3. She won't ever sit still to eat. We can't take her anywhere cause she just wants to run around instead of eat. If we try to hold her in her seat she will just scream bloody murder. We don't want to bother other people so we let her go!
4. She has bad lays down and kicks the floor screaming. I ignore her for now, but they don't seem to stop. She has even hit her head against the wall which makes her cry harder but she does it on purpose!
so, I am so happy I have an angel baby so that I can try to deal with Kennedy but really, my education is not helping me here! She is a funny girl and we love her. I just don't know if she needs medication or what!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Time

Christmas time has been so much fun this year because Kennedy has been into all of the fun activities! She loved decorating the Christmas tree and she kept saying "YAY! It'a Christmas! Grammy Bee is coming!" She is so excited because we keep telling her that her grandparents and aunt are coming for Christmas. So whenever we do anything Christmas-y, that is what she says. She even loves Santa this year! She has already seen him at the mall and at a Christmas party. She likes to tell him that she wants more Princesses for Christmas.

On Thursday night, we went to the festival of trees to see all of the AMAZING trees that people decorated for Primary Children's hospital. It took all of Kennedy's will power to not touch the care bears tree and the Disney princess tree. She even go a manicure while we were there and loved every second of it!

as for Liam, he still just sleeps all night and day. He is such a good baby and I love him to pieces!

P.S. Kennedy split her head open on the car door which you can see in the pictures