Thursday, March 27, 2008


So, a couple of posts ago, I wrote about how UNcreative I was. Thank you all for sending me easy recipes and links to online scrap booking. I am now in the process of making a first year book for Kennedy on Shutterfly. It is so easy and it's only $30.00! Now that's my kind of creativity! ha ha! I also wrote about some diaper case cover I am in the process of making. When my mom was here, we made a few of them. This is my mom's first one. It is sooo cute, but we used cheaper material for our first try. After we saw how they turned out,we went out to a boutique and bought some more expensive, way cute, material to make more. I am still in the process of making them. This one looks just like the ones I am finishing now.I am excited that I found something that I can do, even if it is just butt wipe covers. : )
On another note, Kennedy is doing better. Still has a very runny nose and does not sleep much, but way better than last week. She still LOVES to eat anything we giver her. We have not found a single thing she doesn't like yet! Green beans, peas, pretzels, Turkey, rice cereal, even carrots! She likes to eat off of our plates too, but she still has no teeth so I have to be careful what I give her. I'm happy she enjoys food though. It always makes her happy! The last picture is just of my new diaper bag that I bragged about last time. I Love, Love, LOVE it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We have had a great week because my mom has been here since last Sunday. She left today...sad. We had a week full of shopping, watching movies, oh ya, and lots of sickness. Kennedy was really sick this week. On Tuesday, we took her to the doctor and they said they saw nothing wrong but a stuffy nose. She screamed bloody murder all day that day so the next day we took her to the doctor again! The doctor suggested we take her to Primary Children's hospital to see what was wrong. They irrigated her ear (ouch) and could see nothing wrong. They wanted to give her a catheter, but I said no and left. I would not subject my child to anymore pain! So she has had a stuffy, runny nose and a cough all week, but she is getting better finally.

Anyway, Kennedy and I had a lot of fun with my mom. We even did a few cute crafts! I saw some cute baby wipe case covers at the mall for $25.00 and my mom thought they would be easy to make. So we bought some cute fabric and ribbon and batting and made 3 of them! They are so cute! I will put pictures of them up on my next post. If anyone wants one, I can make them for a little under $10.00 and they sale online for $29.95!

My mom also took Kennedy and I shopping and we got some cute things! She got me an AMAZING diaper bag from Nordstrom which I highly recommend to all moms. It is a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag and it is vinyl so it cleans off easily. It has a built in changing station and it turns into a backpack! I can't tell you all how much I LOVE it! We also got her a shopping cart/high chair cover which is so great because she won't get all the nasty germs from other kids. As for me, I got a new Easter dress and I was so grateful for it. My mom is so great! I just wish she lives closer. : (

We had a great day today and Kennedy loved her Easter toys. I hope you all had a great Easter too! I'll post again soon with some great pictures!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Creatively Challenged

Lately I feel as if the whole world is creative...except for me! All of these Utah mom's scrapbook, make incredible, handmade cards and sew and cook! Unfortunatley for me, I am not talented in any of these areas! I joined a little scrapbooking club when I first moved here, but I find that I cant make a single page without the constant help of someone else. I bought 3 cookbooks recently, and have failed to make any of the recipies except for sunshine toast (toast with egg in the middle). I tried sewing (failed), but I did manage to learn how to stright knit a little from my mom. All I can knit is a scarf or a hot pad : (

So, I am asking all of my creative friends for help! I need easy, but healthy recipies to make for my family. I would also like to know if there are any online places I can scrapbook because I never print my pictures off of my digital camera. I know it would cost a little, but does anyone know where I would go? Also, if anyone would be willing to give me ideas on how to decorate the house we are getting, I will gladly send you pictures of it so that you can help me! I feel so lazy when I hear about mom's with 3 kids who have tome to do all of this stuff! When my baby sleeps, I either eat, play online, watch tv, read or pay bills. I need some motivation here! Please help!

creatively challenged

Friday, March 7, 2008

Life is good

Alright, so I know this may sound strange, but after reading a really good book, "The Other Bolyen Girl", I found new appreciation for the day in age in which I was born and for my family! I admit that I negleted my house work this week so that I could read my book as quickly as possible. For those of you who don't know, it takes place in the 1500's during Henry the VIII rule over England. It is about the Boleyn girls, one of which becomes his queen but does not produce a male heir. She ends up being beheaded. (I know, uplifting hu?) The funny this is that it did uplift me! It made me greatful that I was free to marry a man for love and not status or money. I don't have to worry about having a boy just so that we can carry on our name. I am glad that my husband would love our children regardless of their sex. I am greatful that I can worship the way that I please without being killed for it! I take that forgranted, but it is a great blessing that I can go to church and pray without having our government watching me. I feel blessed that I am free to live the life that I want to live without my family forcing me into a marriage that I did not want to be in. I know this is funny to some of you, but I also felt blessed that I was born in a day in age where I did not have to go through an agonizing child birth like they did in the 15th century. Women died all the time and so did their babies! I know it still happens sometimes, but I thank God for the wonderful, knowlagable doctors and hospitals that we have in this day. So even though the book may have been dark at times, it made me feel blessed to know that I am a free woman who does not have to worry about being abused for not wearing a certain thing or worshiping in a certain way. I feel blessed to have a healthy daughter and that no one can take her away from me. Life is good!