Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Creatively Challenged

Lately I feel as if the whole world is creative...except for me! All of these Utah mom's scrapbook, make incredible, handmade cards and sew and cook! Unfortunatley for me, I am not talented in any of these areas! I joined a little scrapbooking club when I first moved here, but I find that I cant make a single page without the constant help of someone else. I bought 3 cookbooks recently, and have failed to make any of the recipies except for sunshine toast (toast with egg in the middle). I tried sewing (failed), but I did manage to learn how to stright knit a little from my mom. All I can knit is a scarf or a hot pad : (

So, I am asking all of my creative friends for help! I need easy, but healthy recipies to make for my family. I would also like to know if there are any online places I can scrapbook because I never print my pictures off of my digital camera. I know it would cost a little, but does anyone know where I would go? Also, if anyone would be willing to give me ideas on how to decorate the house we are getting, I will gladly send you pictures of it so that you can help me! I feel so lazy when I hear about mom's with 3 kids who have tome to do all of this stuff! When my baby sleeps, I either eat, play online, watch tv, read or pay bills. I need some motivation here! Please help!

creatively challenged


Krystle said...

awww...you couldn't sew cuz you'd give up whenever you messed up
lol j/k
you may not think you're the best house maker but you are creative...just in different ways
love you!

Adrien said...

seriously, I understand. I find myself spending a lot of time doing things to avoid cleaning or things that I should do. It's ok. I promise. I think I'm still adjusting to constantly having someone I have to care for and enjoy any break I get to do things I used to enjoy doing. I made some lasagna tonight. It does take a little preparation, but I found that it makes a lot, is great left over and freezes well. I don't have your email. But send it to me...kokeal9@hotmail.com and I will pass it along if it looks like too much, just toss it. I won't be offended! I will go through my recipes and see if there is anything easy I should send on.
If it makes you feel better, I have not scrapbooked a single day since Baylee was born. I do it all, but haven't seemed to find, time, motivation, nothing for it. One day when she's all grown up, I will have plenty of time. :) Hope you are having a great day!

The States said...

Crali Carli Carli! Girl I FEEL YOU! I really dont enjoy scrapping because - well, I suck! lol... so here is the secret to my sanity MPIX.COM! I just made Makoa's first year into a BOOK... I love it! His first year - DONE! Me! Yah! Can you believe it! lol... anyway, download their picture book software, pick what size you want, and go for it - it's SO simple! It did cost a bit - but then again, it was totally worth it because I didnt have to buy paper, develop any pictures or buy a do-dads to make a cute page... you'll love it! Let me know when you start and if you do happen to have any questions - you have my email! (and phone number!)

Chambers Family said...

I have typed up "Melanie's meals in a minute, and I can attach it to an email...mine is dishne@yahoo.com. They are all the recipes I use on a regular basis. So I like them! As for the scrapbooking, Dave's family gives their mom pages that sum up their year. We get together for a weekend and combine our supplies and opinions (around Thanksgiving) and that is the only time I do it! Lazy huh? The company is hard to beat though!!

Hoopesfam4 said...

Carli - thanks for finding our page and for sending a comment our way! I don't know how to search for people on this site, so I'm glad you found us. Your daughter is adorable - I love the pictures. As for the post I'm responding to, just know you aren't alone in feeling inadequate or uncreative. I think it's so easy to compare ourselves to everyone else,which is something I have had to train myself not to do. Keep your head up, and start by making a goal to try one new thing every month. Don't set the expectation to automatically be an expert, just start out with the intent to have fun and learn something new - before you know it, you'll have more things to do than you have time to do them in! Take care!