Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Been a While

Has it really been 5 whole months since I have written? How in the world does time pass so quickly! As usual, I have no idea where to start, I just know that I should start. Summer passed in a HOT blur. We did a lot of swimming to keep cool and Kennedy learned how to swim unassisted in the deep end! That was a great moment for all of us. Liam THINKS he can swim, but ended up having to be saved twice this summer. What a little dare devil! I got to go to California to celebrate my birthday with my two closest friends, Emily and Tressie. We had the best time in Santa Barbara, San Diego and at Disneyland. I was so glad that we were able to spend time together without kids. :) I got to see my family for a day as well. That was a treat since I only get to see them maybe once a year. That is the sad part about living so far away now.

In the big news section of the blog, Kennedy started Kindergarten!! I have no idea how she grew up so fast! She seems to love school, but complains that it is too long. I don't blame her since kindergarten is 7 hours long here! She comes home everyday with a smile though. Kennedy also turned 5 on August 31st and had a huge party with a bounce house and a water slide. A LOT of people showed up, but she had a ton of fun. We all did actually! After the party was over, all of the adults put on their suits and had their fun on the water slide. It was pretty funny...especially when I was trying t show off and ate it pretty hard. My side is still sore from that day!

 Liam is almost 3. Like I said, he is a dare devil and loves to jump off of things and into things and make giant messes! He is a challenge, but really fun to be around. He is always complimenting everyone. Sometimes, he compliments on the right things like "I like your dress." Other times, he compliments on very strange things like "I like your mole." Yes, mole as in a MOLE on your skin. He is such a funny and sweet kid! Well, I guess that is all for now. I don't want to make it so long that you will never come back and read again! And now, for a few random images from this summer! (more available at instagram!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Our Easter was super low key this year. We did not decorate eggs (my children were deprived this year), we did not go all out with gifts and things either like I have in the past. Instead, we went to a small Easter breakfast with my parents on Saturday morning and had the kids do the easter egg hunt there. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to go to the beach after that. We met up with out good friends, Jon and Tressie, and had a great time surfing and playing in the water and laying out. The day took a horrible turn when I was rear ended by a motorcycle. My friend and I went to pick up some lunch for everyone, so it was just the two of us in my car. When I got out to ask if the guy was okay, he did not answer me. He seemed really drunk. In fact, when he tried to get back on his bike, he fell back into my car and left another huge dent. Since his bike did not start, he pushed it over to an alley way and I followed him. The cops showed up, but we both told him it was fine and we would exchange information. He gave us forms to fill out and went on his way. BIG MISTAKE!!! When the cops left, the man started getting really rude with me. He asked to take a picture of my driver license and I refused. I said "you have my insurance information. I do not feel comfortable allowing you to take a picture of my ID as well." He started getting really mean and my friend yelled at me to get in the car. She looked panicked. I started to get in the car and the guy whistled loudly and screamed something. All of the sudden, bikers and other guys stepped out. I guess my friend saw that they were closing in and that is why she screamed at me to get in the car. I got in and locked the doors when he stood in front of my car and put his hand on my hood. He then said "You better not run over me!" I saw bikers start to come up on the sides of me and I reversed as fast as I could. I was afraid for my life! I took off down the highway shaking and in shock. I have yet to get that whole situation figured out, but it was really scary. I was ready to leave the beach after that.
On Sunday morning, the kids had a little egg hunt and opened their baskets. Later on, we had a nice, ham dinner at my mom and dad's where the kids were spoiled with more toys and goodies! Overall, it was a great weekend. If only I had not almost gotten killed. By the way, I am very happy that my car insurance card I had on me was the one from utah, so that guy does NOT have my home address. THANK GOODNESS!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Broadway Baby

I know, it has been forever since I have written. I might not work outside of the home, but my life is still pretty chaotic as of late. I find it hard to find the time to sit down! I think I may have a broken arm as I type this as well. I am going later on to have it x-rayed. It is pretty swollen and bruised looking and my fingers are numb. I have never broken a bone before, so I have no pain to compare it to. I am hoping it is not broken, but we will see. Anyway, back to what I am blogging about. When I was growing up, my mom would always take me to see broadway shows. She would listen to broadway CD's and I would fall in love with the music. I was even known to perform in a play or two as a kid. :) That being said, the love of broadway shows has been instilled in me, and I always hoped to have children who enjoyed broadway as well. When we found out that Annie was coming, my mom and I decided that it would be fun to take Kennedy to her first show. She is already 4 years old you know! To prepare her, we watched the movie and sang the songs so that she would be excited when she saw it. All day long yesterday, she kept asking when it was time to go see Annie. She loved dressing up in her nicest dress and going downtown. During the first half, she watched and clapped and sang along. At intermission, she thought that the show was over and wanted to go home. We stayed for a couple of more songs in the second half and then left so that she could go to sleep. But, she LOVED it! I think that I loved it even more though. I can't wait until she is old enough to go and see other shows with me.
Well, my arm is pretty messed up and hurting, so I guess I had better stop typing now.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bus Stop Photo Shoot

These days, we spend a lot of time waiting for daddy to come home at the bus station. To make time go by faster, we listen to music, sing songs, and have bus stop photo shoots! In other business, the kids got a trampoline for Christmas, and let's just say that the kids are not the only ones who have fun on it! Below is a video of Grammy B's amazing "tricks". Enjoy!
Kidding! Video will not upload for some reason!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Date night/Hair Modeling

The last post was starting to get too long for my liking, and this one will have quite a few pictures! I don't really know where to begin this post. January has been good so far. We like the new friends that we have made in Texas and are growing to like it more and more (especially the warm weather). Ask me this summer if I like the weather and I will probably be dying of heat! Well, a few weeks ago, my friend asked me if I would be interested in being a hair model. I have always hated my hair. In fact, if anyone asked "what part of your body do you hate the most?" I would always say "my hair!" Needless to say, I was kind of nervous. She took a picture of me and sent it in to see if I was someone that the company would be interested in...and guess what? I was! I went in on Saturday to get my hair done by this AWESOME stylist from Los Angeles. He made me feel good by telling me that I was the perfect natural blonde and that he was excited with what he was about to do. He ended up putting not one, but 3 colors of blonde into my hair and the "color personality" of Roman Goddess. He then cut my hair and told me not to touch it or wash it so that he could do what he wanted with it for the show the next day.

That night, I was feeling pretty good, so Christian and I went out with good friends to a really nice restaurant called Sorrento downtown. It was gorgeous inside with a pianist and low lights and candles. It has been so long since we have done something like that and it was so relaxing and fun!
The next morning, my friend took me to the hotel to get my hair and make up ready for the show. It was set up in curls, I was told, for a "madmen" look. I have never heard of or seen madmen, so I just assumed that it was going to be great. And, it was! I was in love with the style they gave me. I was a little nervous to try and act all confident and pose the right way, but once I got in front of lights and people, it ended up being way more fun than scary. Thanks to my husband for being with the kids by himself for 2 whole days so that I could have this experience. I am going to do it again soon!

Catch up

It has been over a month since I have written. Instead of telling every little thing that has happened, I will maybe just say the event and something about it, and then post pictures. First up, Christmas. There were way too many pictures taken on Christmas day, so I just picked a couple. Kennedy's favorite gifts were her Princess charm school barbies and her princess scooter. She has gotten really good at riding it too. Her and Liam were pretty spoiled and had so much fun opening their gifts and stockings. Liam's favorite gifts was his pack of Caillou DVD's, his ride on ATV and his tow truck. He crashed a lot trying to get a hold of the ATV and he still has a hard time riding it, but he loved it. Christmas day, we went to church with my parents and siblings, and then went back to their house for gifts and dinner and games. It was such a fun Christmas because all of us siblings were together for the first time in over 2 years!New Year's Eve: For NYE, we decided to have a party with some close friends, our family and my sister's boyfriend. We watched the fireworks show that my parents neighborhood put on and it felt like the 4th of July. Kennedy was riding around on her scooter in the dark, we were all on camping chairs and blankets. It was such a warm, nice night out. After fireworks, we played some games, ate food, watched some "world's Dumbest" and lit some of our own fireworks. Although Kennedy fell asleep before midnight, Liam was up and ready for some sparkling cider!

Playing with some Roman candles

This post is getting way to long, so I am going to make a new one now for January!