Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 posts in 1 day!

Lucky, I know! I just had WAY too much fun online! I went to Yearbook Yourself and got some GREAT pictures from it. In the first one, I swear I look exactly like my brother. It is sooo scary! I just took a picture of us making funny faces and this is what happened. Have fun looking. haha!
My 1950's man look!
1980's baby!
90's grunge!

This face and hair is so classic! Fat Christian! My cute 60's girl! Wow! is all I can say! She would have made a beautiful 80's chick!

Non Tag

So, I guess I am not COOL enough to get tagged, so I found a cute one all by myself. And I want to do it...so I am going to. Then I am going to tag some of my peeps to do it as well. Here it is!
I am...Pretty sexy (and smart, so total bonus)
I think...about getting rich and buying a maid!
I heart...My Kennedy Grace, new clothes, good hair days, free stuff and my GIRLZ!
I dance...the hokey poky with my kid
I want...a bookshelf, a nice, big rug, new clothes, cute decorations and to win the lottery (which will be hard cuz I don't gamble)
I have...the cutest girl EVER, a house to live in and a killer smile! (it's a joke!)
I am scared of...CLOWNS! HATE EM'!
I hate...mean words, bad moods and downers!
I miss...Being 20 years old and living in Hawaii with my peeps!
I write...song lyrics, mostly...oh and hate mail. gotta love the hate mail! : )
I wish...I was Tinkerbell and lived Disneyland and got to fly off the Matterhorn every night with fireworks lighting up the sky. Best "JOB" EVER!
I fear...getting the "Rhea" (aka the trots) when I am not at home.

That was fun! Now, I want to tag EVERYONE who reads this blog. No leave outs. Just try it. It is loads of fun!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Alright friends. I am super excited/scared/nervous/happy right now. For those of you who are not LDS, in our church, we are given jobs in the church which are called callings. In the past, I have been a primary teacher and the primary chorister. Well, we are in a new ward now and so I got a new calling. I was soooo sure that it would be another primary calling, which would have been so fine, but I really wanted something different. And I did! My new calling is.....drum roll please...............
The Laurel Advisor! (aka 17-18 year old girls teacher) I am super excited to get to know all of the cute girls, but I am nervous because I feel like I am their age! Yes, I know I am like 8 years older than them, but it feels like I am still that same girl that I was in high school. (Minus the extra large hips and stretch marks). I am excited to get to play with them and teach them and go to GIRLS CAMP! I just hope they like me! (and that I can teach a freaking hour long lesson!)This is gonna be fun!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So much to Learn

My offspring is so stinkin' smart. I'd like to believe it is in her genes. But, I really think it is because she is so curious and active! Just recently, she began feeding her babies, patting their backs and putting them to bed! Just today, she pretended to get food out of a bowl, with one of her spoons, and feed it to the baby. Where the heck did she learn that? She also seems to understand most of what I say. If I say "let's go play outside.", she runs to get her shoes, brings them to me, and then bangs on the back door. I love this girl soooo much...even if she does have a Donald Trump comb over!
First, she tests out the mouth with her finger...

Next, she tries the bottle. (she also tried to drink out of it)
And just for fun, this is her and her daddy having a jam sesh in the basement! She is pretty good too, for not being able to reach the pedals.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Round of Applause!

Thank you to my wonderful friend Veronica who made the perfect header for me! Ha! I love you, you little mermaid making, jalapeno cookie eating, cousin from England babysitter! You rock! On another note, I realized that I have not updated much on Kennedy since she turned one! She is seriously doing the cutest things lately. My favorite is when she plays with her dolls! She loves to give them fake bottles of milk and put them to bed. She also loves to push her dolls in the stroller. It is so cute! I can't believe how quickly kids pick up on stuff like that. I have tons of cute pics, but my hubby has the camera so I will have to do it tonight. Kennedy also makes doggy sounds whenever she sees a dog, and Kitty sounds when she sees a kitty. She is so smart, I know!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I love, love, LOVE FREE STUFF! So, I recently came upon 2 websites that are Wonderful! The first one is http://www.shop4freebies.com. I seriously signed up for almost all of the free samples. There was great stuff too! And the cool thing is that there is new free stuff every 24 hours. Check it out! The second is called "The Give away Queen." It is at www.giveohgiveaway.blogspot.com. She gives away free things 2 times a month and I was first to sign up. Yeah! Just thought I would pass on these sites to you! Your Welcome. : )

Friday, September 19, 2008

Help Please!

As you can see, I am technologically-retarded! I have been trying for days to make this site look the way I want it to look, but I don't have the right software! Does anyone have photoshop/know how to use photoshop/would like to help me design a header? Come through for me e-bffs!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And so it Begins

Alright ladies...I saw a funny video today, a DISNEY video none the less. It explains the story of menstruation with cartoon characters and diagrams of the female reproductive system. Just be careful to stay regular and don't get constipated! It can really reek havoc on your systems people! Just click here to be transported back in time and into the beautiful world of the menstruation cycle!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Turning into a Utah mom

The transition has been slow...very slow, but it is happening. I am becoming a Utah mom. Those of you who live in Utah may think, "how are we different than everyone else?" Well, there are a few things that ONLY women in Utah do such as:
1. Say "Oh my heck!" (I have not said this yet, but maybe soon at the rate I am going.)
2. Get their milk delivered fresh from Winder Dairy. (Yes, I signed up for weekly milk and egg delivery. Very country-ish and mormon mom of me, I know)
3. Play Bunco (Never even heard of the game til I moved here, but now I play once a month with the women in my old ward.)
4. Get other mom's numbers at the park. (okay, maybe other mom's do this, but my husband laughed at me the other day because I took Kennedy to the park and met some ladies with little girls. We talked, decided it would be fun to get together, and exchanged numbers. haha!)

So, although I thought it would never happen, here I am...a Utahn.
p.s. I guess Utahns actually hide their easter BASKETS and have to find them on easter morning. I have never heard of this til I moved here. We do an egg hunt, but not a basket find. Anyone???

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Most of you know that I grew up in Houston, which happens to be where hurricane Ike struck last night. My family still lives there and got hit by the hurricane. They are all okay. Even the house is okay! There was just damage to their fence (and the neighborhood was trashed). My sister took these pictures so I thought I would post them for your viewing pleasure. Also, I tired my very best to make my page look better, but to no avail. ANYONE who knows how to make a cute header, PLEASE let me know. I will love you forever! Thanks!

Our back fence

I think they need a new sign
Poor Taco Bell!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Christian has a blog!

After much persuasion, my husband has a blog now. go check it out at www.whoreallycares1.blogspot.com. Happy reading! He really wants comments too! haha!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mommyhood....Without the sugar coating!

I woke up this morning, no, not by myself, but to my screaming child with snot all over her nose and mouth. She continues to scream while I make her a bottle. I give it to her and she tosses it across the room, Chuck Norris style, and continues to scream. I try giving her medicine which gets all over her and the bed. I try to clean her up and she arches her back and screams what sounds like "why, why why?" To which I then think "Why is the toilet running?" I go and jiggle the handle to get it to stop and then hear a crash. Kennedy ran into the table, yet again, and is now screaming even LOUDER! I pick her up, get snot all over my shirt and try to get her to stop screaming. I think that going to the park will help calm her down, so we get ready and leave this death trap of a house. As soon as we get to the park, she fell...and I caught her...by her nostril! No joke! So now, she has a bloody nose, and a snotty nose and is crying again. I put her back in the stroller and head to Maui Tacos to get some lunch. I got a chicken taco and some chips. I turn my head for two seconds and Kennedy is choking on a chip which she stole off of my plate! I frantically pat her on the back and she is still choking! She then proceeded to throw up ALL OVER THE TABLE! I lost my appetite and we continued home. She fell asleep in the stroller (THANK GOODNESS), so I set her under a tree in the back yard and let her sleep...for an entire 20 minutes! Then the crying began again. I come inside, pour her some milk and try to apply for an online job. A few minutes later, she signs "milk, milk". "I just gave you your milk child! Where is it!" I look all over the house and can't find in ANYWHERE! So, I pour her more milk. She is mad that I am on the computer right now and keeps trying to type on the key board. HOLY CRAP! Being a mom is HARD!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


my credit union is having a baby contest...a cute baby contest! I hope you can all go vote at least once for her. Go to www.Jordan-cu.org and click on the baby contest link. I should have picked a close up picture but oh well. The winner gets a trip to Disneyland! So, if you don't vote, we will gladly accept cash and checks for our Disneyland trip! Just kidding... Kind of! Thanks!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blessings #15 and 16

I am behind, and for good reason. My life has been nonstop lately. In fact, i am sick right now because of the stress! So, instead of writing about my life, I decided to catch up on my blessings for 2 reasons.
1. I need to remind myself of my many blessings.
2. I need to write them down so that when I have bad days, I can see how truly blessed that I am.
So, here goes.
Blessing #15: Health and Strength
I take for granted my health and the health of my family and friends. I have been blessed with a healthy body (most of the time) and strength to get through my day to day life. When I am sick, I realize how much being healthy actually means to me! I am also grateful for a healthy daughter! Luckily she has been an extremely healthy girl so far (knock on wood). I know this may seem like a trivial blessing, but to me, it is truly a blessing that I am grateful to have.
Blessing #16: A roof over my head
I am blessed with the knowledge that no matter what happens in my life, I will always have a place to live. I look at homeless people and think "Wow! I have way too many people around me that care enough to never let me or my family go hungry or homeless." I feel sad that not everyone can say the same. I am grateful to have an amazing group of people around me that love me and will not let us go without.