Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back From Cali

Kennedy and I had such a fun trip to California! It was nice that my brother was able to come with us because it would have been really hard for me to travel alone with a toddler and all of our belongings. We went to Cali for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! They bought Kennedy a beautiful dress to wear for the occasion and that is the one day that I happened to forget my camera! Luckily my brother, Austin, took a lot of pictures and I will post them when they are sent to me. Kennedy loved seeing all of her grandparents and her uncles and had a blast playing with them everyday!
On Sunday, I had a small baby shower and got some clothes and pajamas for Liam. That was really nice. I even got the money to buy my double stroller which I got today! Here is the one that I bought and I am already IN LOVE with it! All I need now is some boy bedding and I think I will be set. Target, here I come!

On Monday, we went to the beach. I was not sure how Kennedy would like it because last year, the waves scared her. This year, she loved it! She ran right in and we had to grab her to keep her from being knocked over by waves. She wanted to swim way out where her uncles were...but the waves were way to big so she stayed right on the shore and played. All she keeps talking about now is "The beach, the beach!" To bad we don't live closer. She is such a water baby.

On Tuesday, we went to Legoland. We went when it opened and she got to ride every ride that she was big enough for by 1:00. By then, we were all hot, tired and ready to go. We had to battle a tantrum on the way out, but as soon as her head hit the car seat, she was out cold! She had a really great time riding the rides and playing in the water section.
Grandpa let her steer the boat...
...And that is how we crashed!

We had to come home last night, sadly. I was really worried about how Kennedy would do on a 3 hour and 10 minute flight (because we had to stop in phoenix) so I tried to give her some Dramamine. BAD IDEA!!! She threw it up all over the floor and all over herself. She just kept throwing up until everything was out of her tummy. She cried and then would not eat or drink anything else. I felt so bad that I tried to drug my child and it backfired on me. Needless to say, we all smelled like throw up the rest of the way home. Lucky for me, she fell asleep in Phoenix and did not wake up until we reached Salt Lake. I did not even need to drug her. AH!

It is nice to be home and back into the swing of things again. Tomorrow night is Kennedy's birthday party so I have been busy getting ready for that. If you live close by and want to come, call me and I will let you know the info! Sorry for the long post and goodnight!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Boy

Here are some sweet pictures we had taken of our baby boy today! SO CUTE!

A Scary shot...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The many sides of Kennedy

Tom Boy

Dare Devil


Daddy's Girl

Mommy's Girl

Love you Kennedy!

Friday, August 14, 2009


I found a new, fun hobby...if you can call it that! I like to create original items as much as possible. But on occasion, I find it fun to walk around expensive stores and boutiques to see what they have, and then try to recreate those items for WAY less money. My latest find was a set of burp cloths from Nordstrom. I could not believe how much they cost or that people would actually pay that amount for a burp cloth! I went to Joanne's fabrics, found the exact same ribbon for $1.29 a yard and then bought a pack of burp cloths for $5.99.

Here is the Nordy's burp cloth

And although this picture was taken with a cell phone and is horrible quality, here is the one that I made that looks exactly the same.

Nordy's sells these in a set of 2 for $18. I found that the price to make 2 is about $5.00! My next fun project will be to make the blankets that they sell for $75.00 because I am sure that I can make one for about $25.00. Maybe no one else thinks that this is fun, but I always think it is fun to save money by making things myself.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Too much fun!

This summer has been so busy and so much fun! Kennedy has had a great time at swimming lessons 3 days a week and her playgroups 2 days a week. We have had something fun to do every single day! Friday was her last day of swimming lessons and I was so sad! I will have to buy a swim pass so that we can continue to go. Kennedy learned a lot and is so confident in the pool. My child has no fear (which is kind of scary at times)!

This is her going down on her back...head first!
We are going to California in less than 2 weeks too. We have traveled a lot this summer and have had a lot of fun. I am actually getting sad already that summer is coming to a close soon. I am not ready for cold weather and to be locked inside with a toddler and a new born.

Also, Kennabootique has been doing quite well lately! I get so excited whenever I get a sale! I am actually having a clearance sell on many of my items at my Etsy shop right now if you want to check it out. I have a lot of new items for sale as well! I guess that is about all I have to report right now. Goodnight!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One room down....

Know how I said I felt the need to clean and reorganize? Well, I got one room done today. Too bad it won't look like this tomorrow, but hey, it made me feel good! Also, notice the AMAZING bookshelf Christian's grandpa made Kennedy. I pointed it out in the Pottery Barn catalogue, and he made it even better! Now, I just need to do this to every room in my house and I will be great!!!

I just had to add this cute pic of Kennedy from this morning right before swim lessons. She gets sooooo excited when it is time to go and today was no different! She looks so grown up!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rough Times

Sorry to be a downer today, but it has been a long week/day! As this baby gets closer to coming, I am feeling more pressure to get EVERYTHING done all at once. I feel like I need to hurry and get Kennedy potty trained so that I won't have 2 in diapers. She has only gone a couple of times in her potty, and now, she just takes off her diaper every time she goes and brings it to me. I ask "do you need to go potty?" She says "no" and runs away. Next thing I know, there is a poopy diaper in her hands as she says "mommy, I pooped!" AH! It is so frustrating! If any of you moms out there have advice, PLEASE share. The last thing I want is to be buying 2 packages of diapers every time I go to the store.

I have also been feeling the need to deep clean and de-junk my house. The only problem is that it is pretty impossible to do with a toddler always at my feet. Plus, it seems like once I get one room done, it is all messed up the next day anyway so what is the point?? If you are reading this, feel free to come clean my house for me. :)

Besides that, I just feel like this baby is coming faster that I want...does that sound bad? I have just gotten used too the way life is now and pretty soon, it will be changing for good and it is kind of scary. Anyway, sorry again for the negativity. I just had to get it out of me!

On another note, Kennedy refuses to sleep in her crib anymore, so if anyone hears of good deals on a twin or toddler bed or if anyone wants to sell theirs, please let me know! Thanks!