Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One room down....

Know how I said I felt the need to clean and reorganize? Well, I got one room done today. Too bad it won't look like this tomorrow, but hey, it made me feel good! Also, notice the AMAZING bookshelf Christian's grandpa made Kennedy. I pointed it out in the Pottery Barn catalogue, and he made it even better! Now, I just need to do this to every room in my house and I will be great!!!

I just had to add this cute pic of Kennedy from this morning right before swim lessons. She gets sooooo excited when it is time to go and today was no different! She looks so grown up!


Leilani said...

She really does look grown up there! Her hair is getting so long, what a cutie!

The Stokes Family said...

Hey -- really cute cheap toddler bed idea here -- get Gpa that built dollhouse shelf to throw it together real quick for ya -- Check it out here! Super cute & easy project!

good luck with everything!