Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Horrible Blogger!

Why am I such a horrible blogger lately? OH YEAH! Maybe it is because I work all day, have 2 toddlers and spend any free time I have showering, cleaning my house or playing Frontierville! Lame, I know, but I need something fun in my life right now. The flu has been going around in my family this week, and so far (knock on wood), I am the only one who has not gotten it! Just watch, now that I wrote that on paper, I will be throwing up all night tonight. That would be my luck.

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on life. Kennedy and I went to Texas 2 weeks ago for my 10 year high school reunion. I had so much fun hanging out with old friends and letting Kennedy hang out with her Grammy B for a while. My parents flew back to Utah on the same day as us to attend my Great grandpa K's funeral. Kennedy and I will be sad to not be able to go visit grandpa anymore. He always loved to see Kennedy and bounce her on his knee. He always loved to show her off to the people at his nursing home. It feels strange not to have him around to go visit and play Skip-Bo with anymore. We will miss him.

On another note, Kennedy is having fun with school and dance. Today was her first dance to perform. Only, she did not perform AT ALL!!! She stood there and cried the entire dance. I was so mad because her grandparents came to watch and record her and then all she did was cry. She has her big Christmas recital at the Festival of Trees in December. If she does not perform there, I may just take her out completely. Maybe it will be a funny story some day, but I was just MAD today. Please tell me your kid has done something like this so that I don;t feel so bad.

Liam is doing well also. He is just getting molars in, so he has not been a happy camper for the past week or so. He loves to run around with his sister and sing "ashes, ashes, ah, ah, ah." It is so cute. Kennedy really loves him (except for when he turns off her movies).

Overall, life is just really busy right now. Christian went back to school, so I have the kids ALL day at work, and then have them all night long while he goes to school from 6-9 each night. I hope it will all pay off soon. I feel like I have been so boring lately in all of my writing. Maybe I will get inspired to be fun and funny again soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Liam is ONE today!

I can not believe that my baby boy is one year old today! In some ways, it feels like he was just born yesterday. In other ways, I feel like I have never lived life without him! He is such a blessing to our family and continues to be such a sweet boy. He likes to try to do everything his big sister does. He also likes to annoy her by turning off the TV while she is watching it. Kennedy is a great big sister most of the time. She loves having him around to play with and she makes sure that we have him with us AT ALL TIMES! If I pretend like I am going to leave him somewhere, she starts to cry and says "No! I want my Liam!"

On Saturday, we had Liam's birthday party. We did a cowboy theme even though Christian thought it was kind of lame. I thought it was really cute! We had cowboy balloons, cowboy decorations and an AWESOME cowboy cake by Pink Peach Cakes. I actually won a cake of my choice on her blog! She did such a great job on it, don't you think?a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HN0-KbXvvEM/TKlHWAnyt_I/AAAAAAAAB24/JJOC2gdpe18/s1600/IMG_0441.jpg">

Liam seemed to love his party. He loved all of his presents, especially since he did not have any toys of his own before yesterday. I guess it is the second child syndrome. Poor guy! Even though I don't take as many pictures or videos of him as I did with Kennedy, I love him just as much and am so happy that he is in our family. I love you Liam! Happy birthday!