Sunday, April 10, 2011

WHY ME??? a venting post

Those of you who know me, know our car was broken into last month. We had just had our taxes done and it was all in the car...along with Christian's school stuff. So, we chanced all of our information and payed to be on an identity protection plan. We bought Christian new school stuff and life went on. Yesterday, I decided that I was finally ahead enough financially to go get myself some new makeup, since my old makeup was a year old. I got some coupons together and bought ALL NEW MAKEUP yesterday. I was feeling good, so we decided to take Kennedy to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. I packed my camera in my bag to take pictures of her and off we went. We had a great time...until the car decided not to start. Ya, we need a new car badly, but no money for that. We got the car jumped and went home.

I was not feeling well this morning and wanted to stay home from church, but I had a feeling I needed to go. So, I got the kids ready and we went to church at 11:00. At 11:30, Christian went out to get Liam a binky from the car and what did he see? A busted out car window...our car window. What else, MY PURSE WAS IN THERE! It not only had my brand new digital camera in there from the day before, but also my purse, my cards, my drivers license, my money, my coupons, my receipts,my cell phone and my brand new makeup!!! Now, before you tell me I was dumb to leave my purse in the car, I know! I had my church bag with me, so I decided that I did not need my church bag and my purse inside with me. So, I put my purse on the floor, locked the door, and went inside.

I called the police and filed a report, but I am sure it won't do any good. I am so sad right now. SO SAD!!! No pictures for a while. I just bought that camera and can not afford a new one any time soon.