Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 more days til baby!

It is crazy to think that our lives will change forever in 3 days! I have very mixed feelings, but mostly excitement! I am so excited to finally hold my baby in my arms and love him and dress him and have a play mate for Kennedy. I am also nervous that I won't be able to measure up as a mother of 2! I feel like I may get overwhelmed sometimes and that scares me a little bit. I am also kind of sad for Kennedy because she will now have to share me and I don't want her to feel neglected. I am also nervous about the no sleep part, but I know that passes. Kennedy is sick and I am sick so please pray that we will get better quickly so that we don't get the baby sick when he is first born. Well, I will keep you all updated and I will be sure to post pictures when he is born!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moving Backwards...(kinda long)

Maybe it is my pregnancy hormones or being extreemly uncomfortable or dealing with a toddler who is acting out all of the sudden, but I fell as if I am moving backwards instead of forwards! First off, Kennedy was doing so well with potty training. She would tell me when she had to go (most of the time) and would go in the potty. I decided yesterday to try and make it her first FULL official day in big girl panties...she had her own agenda. After 3 accidents in a row, she said "mommy, I want a diaper!" Not a pull up, not panties, but a DIAPER! Since she had not been in them in a couple of weeks, I had to go and buy some. Today, she has not even tried to go or tell me she had to go. It is like she just gave up! I decided just to go with it but I am really disappointed!

Besides that, Kennedy has been acting like a complete baby in other ways too. She said "mommy, I hold you" so I picked her up. No, she wanted me to wrap her up in a quilt and hold her like a little baby while she made little puppy dog noises and whined! Then, after putting the new baby boy bedding in the crib, she started crying "my crib my crib!" Even though she has not slept in it for months! She had to get inside of it and cry just for the heck of it. If that were not enough, the whole week it has been "mommy, I want milk...NO CHOCOLATE milk" "mommy, I want to watch Tinkerbell...(i put it on) NO PRINCESSES (i put that on) NO ICE AGE (at this point I freak out)! And then, to top it all off, she is refusing to sleep in her bed or even her room. No, she does not sleep with us either. She wants to sleep in the living room! She has slept there for 3 nights now. And don't give me the lock her in her room advice because we tried it many times and she will not stop screaming. And, if she does, she will wake up and start again soon after which lets nobody sleep in the house.

I have the world's most stubborn child! I love her to death and I know that she knows the new baby will be here soon, but MAN! It is making me have prepartum depression. haha! I am just trying to get things clean and ready for the new baby to come and I can't seem to get it done because I have to make Kennedy happy in one way or another. I pray this baby will be mellow for a while so that Kennedy can get used to the idea of a new baby in the house and hopefully calm down a bit.

Sorry if this was a negative post for anyone, but I needed to write it. And now, with my 2 year old asleep on the living room floor, I am going to bed myself. Goodnight!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The end of Summer

What I will miss about Summer:
Eating blackberries from our backyard

BBQ's and playing in the yard (soon it will be covered in snow...BOO!!)

Water Play!

Things I will not miss about this summer:
Ginormous Feet!

Being really hot and FAT!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Is it just me or does my 2 year old look like she is 5 already???

They grow up too fast!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Giveaway time!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What pregnancy is doing to me...

On Monday, Labor day, I was having A LOT of contractions. They started out at about 8:00 pm and were 10 minutes apart. I decided to lie down after an hour of them. Then, they started coming a lot stronger every 2-3 minutes. After another hour or so of those, I got ready for bed and decided if it was the real thing, I would wake up. I kept timing them at every 2 minutes for a long time and must have fallen asleep. I woke up and they were gone. That is a good thing since I was only about 35 1/2 weeks or so. Well, this week has been so painful! I have 2 pinched nerves (so bad that I can barely walk sometimes) I get a bad headache about every day, I have broken blood vessels in both my thighs and my stomach, my feet are swollen (which NEVER happened with Kennedy) and I feel like my body is literally about to fall apart. I have felt like I was going to pass out about 3 times today and I don't know what is wrong with my body. My knees are always weak and I stumble a lot from the pressure that is put on them. I hate to complain AT ALL because I know that being pregnant is such a blessing and that I will have a beautiful baby in my arms soon, but I really don't think that my body can take this anymore! Any suggestions???

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It is my husband's 31st birthday today and I want to be happy and in a good mood. I am just not. This is a bad day...a really bad day. But, Happy Birthday Christian. I love you! I hope you are having a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2009


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Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Much Pressure

I have been putting so much pressure on myself lately to get Kennedy to do everything I want her to do before the new baby comes...it's like I feel once he is here, it will be the end of the world and I won't be able to do anything. I know that this is not the case, but my brain keeps telling me that it is! I do have some good news...I am finally getting my 2 year old off of the bottle. I have been avoiding it because I thought it would be really hard, but that has not been the case. When she asked for her bottle this morning, I just said "no, the bottles are for the baby now, but you can have a sippy cup." She complained about it for a minute and then said "bottles are for the baby." Later on, she asked again and I said the same thing. She agreed once again to a sippy. She had a small meltdown when it was time for her nap, but she went to bed without a bottle or a sippy and I was so happy. She even went down to bed without it! Let's hope that it will continue to be this easy!

My other project has been potty training. She has gone a few times in the past few days, and then today? Nothing! She sat on the potty for 15 minutes and then she said she was all done. I feel like we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Any advice is welcome. (And if you still think she is not ready, she really is! She is just stubborn)

My last project has been to try and keep her in her big girl bed all night. She goes to sleep in it at night, and then at about 3:00 am, she comes into our room and wants to sleep with us. Christian tried to put her back in her bed last night and she threw a major fit. Nobody wants to deal with a tantrum at 3:00, so we just let her sleep with us. BAD HABIT I KNOW! But what do we do???

This is probably the most boring post for most of you, but I really need advice. I don't care if I know you or not. I am desperate to know what has worked for you. Thanks!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Baby is Two!

I can not believe that my baby girl is two already! She was just born! We had a party for her last Friday and she had a blast! We had a pool, a splash pool, a hot tub and a trampoline with sprinklers underneath it for water play. They also played with water balloons and the adults joined in on the fun as well. Kennedy even blew out her candle this year! Sadly, the camera ran out of batteries half way through the party and we had to video tape the rest.
Kennedy with her friend Reba

Playing with her friends in the hot tub (and no, it was not very hot) For her real birthday (Monday) we went to Chuck E Cheese with her cousin, Brayden, and played and went on rides and got some fun prizes. She even peed on the potty yesterday which was a GREAT birthday gift for me. I just hope it continues.

And just for me, here are a few pictures of the last two years. I love you Kennedy Grace!

About to pop!
Right as she came out

First Christmas

Okay, I know I am going overboard...just a couple more...

Last one!