Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 more days til baby!

It is crazy to think that our lives will change forever in 3 days! I have very mixed feelings, but mostly excitement! I am so excited to finally hold my baby in my arms and love him and dress him and have a play mate for Kennedy. I am also nervous that I won't be able to measure up as a mother of 2! I feel like I may get overwhelmed sometimes and that scares me a little bit. I am also kind of sad for Kennedy because she will now have to share me and I don't want her to feel neglected. I am also nervous about the no sleep part, but I know that passes. Kennedy is sick and I am sick so please pray that we will get better quickly so that we don't get the baby sick when he is first born. Well, I will keep you all updated and I will be sure to post pictures when he is born!

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Veronica said...

You are gonna do great! Yeah, the first couple pf weeks will be tough. No way around that. But it will pass and soon taking care of two will be second nature. Kennedy will love him, and don't worry about her feeling neglected. That too will pass. Seriously, when you begin to see the love blossom between those kids as siblings, it will melt your heart and you won't be able to imagine what it was like with only one. It'll be awesome.

Okay, I am about to make myself cry! I am so excited for our baby to be born so that the love in our house can grow even more! Am I a cheeze ball or what?