Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moving Backwards...(kinda long)

Maybe it is my pregnancy hormones or being extreemly uncomfortable or dealing with a toddler who is acting out all of the sudden, but I fell as if I am moving backwards instead of forwards! First off, Kennedy was doing so well with potty training. She would tell me when she had to go (most of the time) and would go in the potty. I decided yesterday to try and make it her first FULL official day in big girl panties...she had her own agenda. After 3 accidents in a row, she said "mommy, I want a diaper!" Not a pull up, not panties, but a DIAPER! Since she had not been in them in a couple of weeks, I had to go and buy some. Today, she has not even tried to go or tell me she had to go. It is like she just gave up! I decided just to go with it but I am really disappointed!

Besides that, Kennedy has been acting like a complete baby in other ways too. She said "mommy, I hold you" so I picked her up. No, she wanted me to wrap her up in a quilt and hold her like a little baby while she made little puppy dog noises and whined! Then, after putting the new baby boy bedding in the crib, she started crying "my crib my crib!" Even though she has not slept in it for months! She had to get inside of it and cry just for the heck of it. If that were not enough, the whole week it has been "mommy, I want milk...NO CHOCOLATE milk" "mommy, I want to watch Tinkerbell...(i put it on) NO PRINCESSES (i put that on) NO ICE AGE (at this point I freak out)! And then, to top it all off, she is refusing to sleep in her bed or even her room. No, she does not sleep with us either. She wants to sleep in the living room! She has slept there for 3 nights now. And don't give me the lock her in her room advice because we tried it many times and she will not stop screaming. And, if she does, she will wake up and start again soon after which lets nobody sleep in the house.

I have the world's most stubborn child! I love her to death and I know that she knows the new baby will be here soon, but MAN! It is making me have prepartum depression. haha! I am just trying to get things clean and ready for the new baby to come and I can't seem to get it done because I have to make Kennedy happy in one way or another. I pray this baby will be mellow for a while so that Kennedy can get used to the idea of a new baby in the house and hopefully calm down a bit.

Sorry if this was a negative post for anyone, but I needed to write it. And now, with my 2 year old asleep on the living room floor, I am going to bed myself. Goodnight!


Veronica said...

Oh man, I hate to say this but it's pretty typical. Kids are great at sensing when a huge change is coming. Ethan did the EXACT same thing. But the bright side is that she will eventually go back to normal again! Just hang in there for the next couple of months. And yea! Babies are coming really soon!!!

Sarah said...

WOW. I'd have to agree with Veronica. She probably feels unsure of her place in the family right now, so if it were me, I'd be giving her extra attention and love. Even when she is sooooo freaking frustrating! Maybe you could use your post partum time to help her get more used to the idea of being a big sister (I know, that's the FIRST thing you'd want to do, lol), and get her involved by participating in helping with baby activities (IE, hand mommy the soap, hand mommy a burp cloth, etc). You will get through it, even though it's really annoying right now! :)