Friday, December 16, 2011

Living Simply

This morning, I was looking back on when Christian and I were first married and I thought "we sure had a lot more "stuff" back then." We had 2 working vehicles, cell phones, DVD players, TV's and all sorts of electronic stuff. I thought that coming here without a second car would be one of the hardest transitions because we have never been without 2 cars in our marriage. It has actually turned out to be the opposite! I drive Christian to the park and ride to pick up the bus downtown every day, and it works out perfectly for both of us. He does not have to sit in traffic and has time to study for his test on the bus, and I get to have the car to transport the kids around for the day. Plus, it saves on gas, insurance and registration for 2 cars, which helps out a ton! We have no sort of cable TV or satellite, no recording devices, no smart phones...and you know what? It is perfect! I thought that not watching Glee, or any of my other shows would be too much not to have, and I have not even missed them. Not one bit! I found that I have more time to appreciate the little things in my life and more time to play with my kids. In 8 short months, Kennedy will start full day Kindergarten, and I will not have this time with her any more. I am blessed to be able to stay home and to spend this time with my kids. Even though I might get overwhelmed sometimes and wish for my children to grow up, deep down, I know it is already happening. And way too fast! I am not saying that we will never have cable, or smart phones or all of that "stuff", but for now, I am perfectly content and happy to not have those things.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter in Texas

I have decided that it would take WAY too much time to catch up on everything that has happened in the past few months, but they have been busy, fun and full of good stuff! First off, Christian got a great job downtown! We are really excited about it for a few reasons, but mostly because they they are going to pay for him to finish his certification! It seems like a great company and Christian loves it. Kennedy has been doing much better at adjusting to her new surroundings here, but she has been really sad that it does not snow here! She even asked Santa for snow so that she can go sledding! Well, we found out that my mom's awesome neighborhood was bringing in snow for their Christmas carnival! I had to take the kids. When Kennedy saw the snow, she threw on her gloves and her beanie, and jumped right in making snowballs and slipping and sliding! It was great to see her so happy! Liam had fun on the train ride as well. There was something for everyone!

After the carnival, we went to our church Christmas party. Kennedy found her "boyfriend", and they took off dancing. There was Santa, food and a band. Between all of the Christmas parties and going to see the play "White Christmas" with my mom, I am really in the Christmas mood. I don't need snow for it to be Christmas. I grew up my whole life between here and California, so I never had white Christmases. It does not mean that there is any less Christmas spirit around here!

To end this post, I am just going to write a few things about the kids so that I don't forget. And, for the grandparents of course!


- Her new obsession is "The Wizard of Oz" she has all of the barbies at my moms and pulls out each doll as they show up in the movie.
- She likes to use really big words, even if she does not know the correct context. She also likes to act like she is 12 instead of 4. For example, she says things like "I am going to put this in my purse for safe keeping." And "I think that I am having an allergic reaction" (no, she is not having any allergic reactions)
- She loves music. Especially Taylor Swift. She said the she loves Taylor's hair, her nails, he dress, her mascara and her songs. She wants a doll of her.


- Liam talks a lot now! I still can not understand everything he says, but most of the time we can.
- He loves to give kisses. He kisses me 100 times a day or more! I love how cuddly and sweet he is. He can't stand for his sister to cry and says "it's okay Endy. Don't cry."
- potty training and project "take the binky away" is still in progress. He is doing much better though at both.

I will try my best to keep up with this so that I don't have to write ridiculously long posts to catch up. Hope everyone is doing well!