Friday, December 16, 2011

Living Simply

This morning, I was looking back on when Christian and I were first married and I thought "we sure had a lot more "stuff" back then." We had 2 working vehicles, cell phones, DVD players, TV's and all sorts of electronic stuff. I thought that coming here without a second car would be one of the hardest transitions because we have never been without 2 cars in our marriage. It has actually turned out to be the opposite! I drive Christian to the park and ride to pick up the bus downtown every day, and it works out perfectly for both of us. He does not have to sit in traffic and has time to study for his test on the bus, and I get to have the car to transport the kids around for the day. Plus, it saves on gas, insurance and registration for 2 cars, which helps out a ton! We have no sort of cable TV or satellite, no recording devices, no smart phones...and you know what? It is perfect! I thought that not watching Glee, or any of my other shows would be too much not to have, and I have not even missed them. Not one bit! I found that I have more time to appreciate the little things in my life and more time to play with my kids. In 8 short months, Kennedy will start full day Kindergarten, and I will not have this time with her any more. I am blessed to be able to stay home and to spend this time with my kids. Even though I might get overwhelmed sometimes and wish for my children to grow up, deep down, I know it is already happening. And way too fast! I am not saying that we will never have cable, or smart phones or all of that "stuff", but for now, I am perfectly content and happy to not have those things.

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