Friday, August 14, 2009


I found a new, fun hobby...if you can call it that! I like to create original items as much as possible. But on occasion, I find it fun to walk around expensive stores and boutiques to see what they have, and then try to recreate those items for WAY less money. My latest find was a set of burp cloths from Nordstrom. I could not believe how much they cost or that people would actually pay that amount for a burp cloth! I went to Joanne's fabrics, found the exact same ribbon for $1.29 a yard and then bought a pack of burp cloths for $5.99.

Here is the Nordy's burp cloth

And although this picture was taken with a cell phone and is horrible quality, here is the one that I made that looks exactly the same.

Nordy's sells these in a set of 2 for $18. I found that the price to make 2 is about $5.00! My next fun project will be to make the blankets that they sell for $75.00 because I am sure that I can make one for about $25.00. Maybe no one else thinks that this is fun, but I always think it is fun to save money by making things myself.


Alicia said...

That's really cool, Carli!

Ev said...

HECK YEAH! I do the same thing, but with recipes. I love love LOVE ripping off Starbucks! My pumpkin bread's waaaaaaaaaay more fabulous!