Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Turning into a Utah mom

The transition has been slow...very slow, but it is happening. I am becoming a Utah mom. Those of you who live in Utah may think, "how are we different than everyone else?" Well, there are a few things that ONLY women in Utah do such as:
1. Say "Oh my heck!" (I have not said this yet, but maybe soon at the rate I am going.)
2. Get their milk delivered fresh from Winder Dairy. (Yes, I signed up for weekly milk and egg delivery. Very country-ish and mormon mom of me, I know)
3. Play Bunco (Never even heard of the game til I moved here, but now I play once a month with the women in my old ward.)
4. Get other mom's numbers at the park. (okay, maybe other mom's do this, but my husband laughed at me the other day because I took Kennedy to the park and met some ladies with little girls. We talked, decided it would be fun to get together, and exchanged numbers. haha!)

So, although I thought it would never happen, here I am...a Utahn.
p.s. I guess Utahns actually hide their easter BASKETS and have to find them on easter morning. I have never heard of this til I moved here. We do an egg hunt, but not a basket find. Anyone???


Adrien said...

I definitely had to laugh at this post. But in your defense, Bunco is not just a Utah game, however, normally for non Mormons, it's a big drunkfest while you play. And I have been known to get numbers at the park as well... thats just part of being a Mom. I cannot defend you on the Oh my heck and the Winder Dairy. you are on your own for those. I wish you luck in the staying away from oh my heck!

krystle said...

haaaaaa....that's hilarious.
you're....changing!!! DUN DUN DUNNN!!!!
haha who cares as long as you're a good mom.
hey i'm thinking i may visit utah for christmas...what ya think?

earlh75 said...

Hi I am a cousin of Christians on the Webb side, and the easter basket thing is true I had to search for it when I was a kid..hard too! I haven't ventured that far yet with my kids. Too funny. And I've lived here all my life, I've never exchanged #'s at a park, but that would be fun.

Alicia States said...

I've always hunted for Easter Baskets... didn't realize that was Utah thing... but then again, MY mom is a Utah Mom... lol... Give me a little time to adjust... never played Bunko, never exchanged #s at a park... Definitely say Oh My Heck... Milk and Eggs DELIVERED?!? Sounds good to me! Imma look into that when I get there... lol... You're so funny!

Sarah said...

LOL!!! That is SOOO funny! I've exchanded #'s at the park before, so does that make me on my way, too? :) And it would be SO much nicer to have my dairy delivered instead of hauling the kiddos to the store, situate them in the cart (O in front, L in the basket because they simply never have enough of those 2-seater carts and it really SUCKS to steer anyway!), get what I need, make enough room for L and watch him every second so that he's not sneaking food or sneaking out of the cart to forage food from the shelves. I swear, I feed him. He just thinks mooching is the way to go! :) So, it might not be all that bad. Except the "Oh my Heck" part, just leave that out of your vocab!