Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blessings #15 and 16

I am behind, and for good reason. My life has been nonstop lately. In fact, i am sick right now because of the stress! So, instead of writing about my life, I decided to catch up on my blessings for 2 reasons.
1. I need to remind myself of my many blessings.
2. I need to write them down so that when I have bad days, I can see how truly blessed that I am.
So, here goes.
Blessing #15: Health and Strength
I take for granted my health and the health of my family and friends. I have been blessed with a healthy body (most of the time) and strength to get through my day to day life. When I am sick, I realize how much being healthy actually means to me! I am also grateful for a healthy daughter! Luckily she has been an extremely healthy girl so far (knock on wood). I know this may seem like a trivial blessing, but to me, it is truly a blessing that I am grateful to have.
Blessing #16: A roof over my head
I am blessed with the knowledge that no matter what happens in my life, I will always have a place to live. I look at homeless people and think "Wow! I have way too many people around me that care enough to never let me or my family go hungry or homeless." I feel sad that not everyone can say the same. I am grateful to have an amazing group of people around me that love me and will not let us go without.


Chambers Family said...

Why is it that you're always grateful for your health when you're sick! I'm the same way...But probably a bigger whiner! I love your blessing idea...When I was a teenager, I made a list (imagine that) and got to 200 and something! It's amazing how many we have when we think about it.

Krystle said...

yeah you can come live here....miss you!

Lanette Sanders said...

Hey, if you need help moving or whatever, just let me know... I don't want you to be stressed to the max like that! I was sad swimming didn't work out. :(