Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Non Tag

So, I guess I am not COOL enough to get tagged, so I found a cute one all by myself. And I want to do it...so I am going to. Then I am going to tag some of my peeps to do it as well. Here it is!
I am...Pretty sexy (and smart, so total bonus)
I think...about getting rich and buying a maid!
I heart...My Kennedy Grace, new clothes, good hair days, free stuff and my GIRLZ!
I dance...the hokey poky with my kid
I want...a bookshelf, a nice, big rug, new clothes, cute decorations and to win the lottery (which will be hard cuz I don't gamble)
I have...the cutest girl EVER, a house to live in and a killer smile! (it's a joke!)
I am scared of...CLOWNS! HATE EM'!
I hate...mean words, bad moods and downers!
I miss...Being 20 years old and living in Hawaii with my peeps!
I write...song lyrics, mostly...oh and hate mail. gotta love the hate mail! : )
I wish...I was Tinkerbell and lived Disneyland and got to fly off the Matterhorn every night with fireworks lighting up the sky. Best "JOB" EVER!
I fear...getting the "Rhea" (aka the trots) when I am not at home.

That was fun! Now, I want to tag EVERYONE who reads this blog. No leave outs. Just try it. It is loads of fun!


krystle said...

I WON'T....do this blog. hahaha
although i'm just teasing you i actually won't cuz i don't have a blog but if i did i promise i'd do it
love you!

Johnson said...

Carli! Of coarse I remember you. How are you? What have you been upto? I've been busy being mom. It's crazy how life gets when your a mom. I'm sure you know all about it. I told my parents that I got in contact with you, and of coarse my dad says, "Oh I remember doing there pictures." What a small world!