Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Time

Christmas time has been so much fun this year because Kennedy has been into all of the fun activities! She loved decorating the Christmas tree and she kept saying "YAY! It'a Christmas! Grammy Bee is coming!" She is so excited because we keep telling her that her grandparents and aunt are coming for Christmas. So whenever we do anything Christmas-y, that is what she says. She even loves Santa this year! She has already seen him at the mall and at a Christmas party. She likes to tell him that she wants more Princesses for Christmas.

On Thursday night, we went to the festival of trees to see all of the AMAZING trees that people decorated for Primary Children's hospital. It took all of Kennedy's will power to not touch the care bears tree and the Disney princess tree. She even go a manicure while we were there and loved every second of it!

as for Liam, he still just sleeps all night and day. He is such a good baby and I love him to pieces!

P.S. Kennedy split her head open on the car door which you can see in the pictures

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Priscila said...

your kids are so cute !I think thats so cute that your daughter wears heels to church. I would have worn heels to church too...they are fun! :) Just probably not all over the place haha......I can hardly stand to wear mine now for more than half and hour but mine are like those killer heal kinds! Glad its cold and its just ugg season! Flats are my friend right now :)