Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Fright Night

For our family night tonight, we decided to get into the Halloween spirit! My mom brought over a ton of fun decorations for the front of our house and we made our house look really "spooky", as Kennedy put it. In fact, she said, "I LOVE this house. This will be the BEST Halloween ever!" It was so cute to see her get all excited about something, because she has seemed really sad and depressed lately. She is missing her friends and family in Utah a lot!

After we decorated, we carved our pumpkin (as the grim reaper) and ate Halloween cookies. The kids also got to Skype with their grandparents in California and in Utah! I love technology! Tomorrow, I will toast and salt the pumpkin seeds. That has always been one of my favorite treats of fall. We had such a great night together and Kennedy can not wait for Halloween. I love my little family! I am going to post a video below of some of our decorations. And just for your information, when I ask Kennedy what she is going to be for Halloween, she is saying "Esmerelda" from The Hunchback of Notre Dam. That is her new favorite movie and that is all she wanted to be.

* BE SURE TO PAUSE THE MUSIC BELOW BEFORE WATCHING. The house looks even cooler now with the orange and purple lights up!

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