Sunday, December 28, 2008

White Trash Family

As I write, my husband and brother just started a huge bon fire in the backyard out of our Christmas packaging. Stupid? Yes. White Trash? Very. Illegal? I think so.

As I write, my daughter is riding her 4 wheeler in the house. She is not moving, just letting the tires spin while she is against my chair. Did I mention she is riding it backwards and banging a pot with a silver spoon? Entertaining to watch? Yes. White trash? Boarder line.

As I write, I am making a dinner of Marconi and cheese and beef stew. Unhealthy? yes. Tasty? Very. White trash? Extremely.

Here is to lazy days and white trash activities.


earlh75 said...

If that's what you call white trash I'm in trouble...that's awesome.

Alicia States said...

Hahaha... thats funny.

Adrien said...

That is the epitemy of a fabulous day!