Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas eve and Christmas were so fun this year because my family was here. On Christmas eve, we opened our pajamas from mom and went out to look at Christmas lights. Then we went out for hot chocolate at good ol' 7-11! After hot chocolate, my siblings and I made and recorded a few funny commercials. We always have fun doing that. Then we watched some T.V. and awaited Santa.

Christmas morning was the BEST! Today, I am going to upload one of the world's funniest videos we have ever captured in my family. We placed a scratch off lottery card in every stocking and said that Kyle brought them from Texas. We gave Jayson a fake one with a winning of $10,000. His face was priceless as he realized he had won! He jumped around and said he would share with all of us and pay off his car. Then he read the back. "Please send card to 123 fake street to redeem your prize. Only valid in your dreams." Hahahahaha! We have never laughed so hard in our lives. Best Christmas prank EVER!

After opening gifts, we went to the movies to see "Bedtime Stories". Then we had dinner and games with Christian's family. We had so much fun playing shock games (video later) and Pit and Dance, Dance Revolution. I hope that you all had a merry Christmas as well...and did not get 100 inches of SNOW like us. AH!

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