Sunday, December 21, 2008

Taggie Tag

4 Things Tag- from Alicia

4 things I did today

1. Gave a lesson on Love at church
2. Indulged in teenage drama
3. Played games
4. Loved Kennedy

4 things on to do list
1. Pay bills
2. Buy stocking stuffers
3. Go tubing
4. Clean my house

4 guilty pleasures
1. Facebook
2. Puzzle books
3. Long, hot baths
4. Going to the movies

4 random facts
1. I have NEVER had a bloody nose (thank goodness)
2. I have scar on my finger that I pick off once a week and then let it grow back to pick again. I have had it since I was 10!
3. I like to drink Coke
4. I have 5 brothers and only 1 sister.

I tag
1. Jenny (yes the meaniwak Jenny)
2. Evelyn (sorry if I spelled your name wrong. I did not go to check first)
3. Veronica (doooo it!)
4. Krystle

and you if you really want to do it!

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