Saturday, December 6, 2008


We took Kennedy to go see Santa Claus today with her cousin, Brayden and her grandma Linda. I guess she sensed that it was something she did not want to do because she fell asleep right as we pulled into the parking lot!

Grandma held her the whole way through the line and I thought it would be best to just sit her in his lap while sleeping so that she would not see the big scary man with a beard and freak out. We set her in his lap and she woke up. She was so groggy that when we took the picture, there were no tears.

Well, we thought since she did so well with Santa and that we did not really get a good picture, that we would take her back to see him again when she was more awake. Here are the results of that encounter.
Notice a difference? Ha Ha!


Lanette Sanders said...

Ha! Oh Carli, we need to hang out. We're so close to each other now, it's a shame we don't!!

Adrien said...

I love the pics. You are better than me, I did not even think about attempting to take Baylee for the santa thing. And Baylee doesn't talk all that much. She can say a lot of stuff but doesn't take advantage of that ability like she should. Don't worry, we point A LOT as well.

The Petersons said...

Cute pictures! Hey, go check out my hair blog!!! :)

Du and MJ said...

Hey I don't know if you have received any thing on the Webb Christmas party. It is this Saturday the 13th at Mike and Linda's ward house. From 6-9. Dinner is 6-7, games and childrens gift exchange 7-8, caroling and stories 8-9. bring either a dessert or salad, a table decoration to exchange, children 5-7 gift that cost under $2.oo ( I guess that is if you have a child aged 5-7) and it is $10.00 per family to cover food and party costs (this is what they usually do). If you have any more questions I'm sure you could talk to linda about it. If you don't know the address it is 8485 So 1000 E. in Sandy