Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Catching Up

I could not find my camera for the past week so I had to make up for lost time and take a bunch of pictures. Some of them are of Kennedy in the new "bum-load" of snow that we were "blessed" with this week. It is more like a curse, but we need it for water so I guess it's okay. Kennedy loves the stuff. I freeze to death after about 10 seconds outside, but she will play with the snow with here bare hands for a while and still not complain. She is always pointing to go outside, but I am a bum and wait for Christian to do it.
And just to catch the family up, Kennedy loves to dance all day long. Even if there is no music. She dances and spins til she is dizzy and falls over. She also picks out a DVD, puts it in the player all by herself, and then sits back and relaxes in her chair and awaits the movie. It is so cute and funny to watch.

Oh, and last week, I was in the bathroom and Kennedy was quiet...too quiet. I called for her and could not find her anywhere. I started to panic as I searched the house like crazy. Then, I found her like this.

For some reason she has an obsession with shoes. I guess she is a girl after all!

I have family coming in from Houston on Thursday and still have so much to do before they come. It will be fun though! I am excited for the Holidays and I wanted to ask you all what your favorite traditions are. I would love to start a new one so give me some ideas please. Even if I don't know you, I would love to hear from you!
(This is her look that she gives all the time!)


Lanette Sanders said...

Holy crap, I love her grey coat! She's so cute!

Adrien said...

Love the pictures. She's adorable! Wish the ladies could play together! Except we've been playing in ice instead of snow.