Thursday, January 1, 2009


We just finished our kick-a partay at our house. It was way fun...for us old foggies. We played lots of games, ate mini wienies and lots of other food, burned a pizza and danced our butts off to youtube music videos. HOLLA! Oh, and that video of the greatest prank EVER on my brother is loading on youtube, so I will post it when it is finished. It is sure to give you the best laugh you have ever had THIS YEAR! Hope you all have a great 09!

Kennedy spent her night watching Wiggles videos on youtube. She was out by 10:00 and did not even wake up through all the noise and poppers!

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Sarah said...

Ha, we have the same laptop! My kids were out by 6pm. Awesome. The trick? Keep them up from naps and have an outrageously cranky day ALL DAY, then make hubby put them down. It was great, minus the whole cranky day part! Your partay looks like a lot of fun, wish we could have been there!