Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Valentine's Cards!

If you love Free then go to THIS website to get 6 free, personalized Valentine cards with any picture you choose to be on the front. The shipping is also FREE! You just create your cards, type in the word Valentine into the coupon area and you are done. Mine turned out so cute and I am so excited to get them so that I can sent them to my parents and grandparents. The Internet is so wonderful! I seriously won 2 contests just this week! I won a $200 skin care line from sweet life in the valley
and 2 adorable hair bows from!
I have also won some headbands for Kennedy and a ton of hair ties for me! I love contests...and free stuff. If anyone is interested, once a week I can list the giveaways that are going on so that you can have a chance to win stuff too! I never have won anything before, but online contests have seemed to work for me. HOORAY FOR FREE!

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Alicia said...

Awesome!!! You have good E-Luck!! Hahaha...