Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Good Ol' Days

Remembering the days of childhood makes me happy. My siblings and I have done some crazy stuff. I only wish I had pictures to prove it. Here is a list of some stuff we did in the "Good Ol' days!"

1. We would jump off of our roof with plastic trash bags to see if they would work as parachutes. I can tell you that they do not. Did that stop us from trying again and again? NOPE!

2. We created a concoction on the carpet in our house that we called MOOSE. We would start with some shampoo and conditioner, sprinkle in a little hairspray, put in a glob of hair gel and a dab of water all into a small portion of the carpet. We would then rub it into the carpet as we chanted "MOOSE, MOOSE, MOOSE!" The concoction would bubble up and foam and we thought it was magical. My mom HATED that game and we would get grounded if we got caught...which was always!

3. I was deathly afraid of clowns or anything that resembled them. My little sister got a little porcelain clown that when you wound it up, it played music and moved its head around. Without my sisters knowledge, I convinced my brothers that this "thing" was of the devil and it needed to be disposed of properly. We tore that thing to pieces and it still played music! I ended up throwing it down the street to never be seen again. My sister cried when she found out. haha!

4. We like to play a fun little game called "Name that taste". We blindfolded each other and would feed each other items from the kitchen (mostly) and see if they could guess what it was. It was a scary game as we did not know if we would get chocolate, vinegar or Tabasco sauce. Way fun hu?

5. We made ourselves a the sewer! We took cardboard down into the little cracks under the curb and made it our fort. Fun, smelly, and very dangerous. : )

6. My brother got a spy kit for his birthday. We would sit up in our tree and spy on the "strange" neighbors behind us. We would make up stories of them walking around naked and murdering people. These events never really happened...but it was fun to believe that they did.

7. I told my brother that he could see bloody Mary in the ditch water if he said her name 3 times and twirled the water. He said that he really saw her and that she turned around slowly and looked at him. Apparently, Bloody Mary has long, black hair and wears a red dress. Who woulda thought?

8. We once poured water on my sisters pajamas as she was sleeping. We woke her up and told her she peed her pants. She was so embarrassed that she cried and went to the bathroom to change. How mean were we?

9. I knew that my brother was TERRIFIED of black widows (even though we had never encountered one in our lives). So one night, at my grandma Mckeons, I did not want to share a bed with him. So I said "Jayson, you know that black widows love cold, dark places. Just like these bed sheets." Jayson later told me that he curled up in a ball outside of the door and cried himself silently to sleep. GREAT STORY!

10. Last story for now, although I have MANY more. My mom had a bottle of mace on her keys and told us to never touch it. This made us even more curious. So, one day when my mom was upstairs, I said "let's just spray a little bit at the fan, that way, it will fan it away from us." BAD IDEA! The fan spread it all over the place...especially into our eyes. We screamed and cried so hard and nothing would help. I guess we learned our lesson.

Most of these shenanigans were my idea since I am the oldest. See how smart I was as a child.


Veronica said...

Oh I LOVED the tasting game!!!

Alicia States said...

Those are some pretty great memories, Carli! Great idea to record them!!! You're kids will LOVE those stories one day!!! (Although, it may give them ideas... hehe)

Miss Heather said...

Okay, I'm DYING! I mean, you've told me crazy stories about poop and stuff... but these are classic. I can't believe how funny you guys were!

Cami said...

Carli, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll admit that you look familiar, but I don't have any particular memories of us at Girls Camp--I believe you though! Anyway, I have a confession to make. I did my hair bows drawing early and you were the winner... then I got more comments on the post), so I did it again and somebody else won. I'd like to offer you a set of hair bows for free anyway! So pick out the ones you like the best and email me at with your pick and your address. I'll have to read your blog and catch up on lost time! If you haven't seen my family blog, you can see it at

krystle said...

hey hey hey...#3 was NOT a clown was a little girl and it came with a and dad got it for me when i was sick. I was so sad when you guys were throwing her against the wall saying it was posessed. so, NOT a were just mean