Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today was a LLLLOOOONNNGGGG, emotional day full of self pity. I think I am done wallowing in it now though. I am ready to accept things the way they are, do what I need to do and stop complaining. In order to help me to do this, here are some things that made me happy today.

1. I was able to give Kennedy a FULL ponytail finally! Not just the tiny ones on top of her head. She looks like a big girl now!

2. Watching American Idol tonight

3. Seeing Kennedy clean off her table with a rag after watching me do it

4. Watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles....BEST, FUNNIEST movie EVER!

5. Drinking 2 Cokes today...and then doing crunches and squats to try and burn the calories.

6. Blogging!

7. And this picture...


Alicia States said...

That is a GREAT Picture! How stinkin' cute is she! I'm sorry you've had a rough day!

Veronica said...

Hey it was fun talking to you yesterday and just venting! You call me any time and we can have a pitty party together. I'll bring the rootbeer, you bring the cheetos!