Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh man!

Kennedy's obsession with Tinkerbell has now expanded to Shrek. Not such a big deal right? Wrong! Because she pronounces Shrek "Cock"! She walks around the house all day saying "Cock, cock". We keep trying to accentuate the "SH" in front of the Shrek, but she is just not getting it. I just hope she does not say it over and over in public like she does at home. Kids are too funny! In other news, Kennedy finally got her first haircut yesterday! She loved it because we took her to Cookie Cutters an she got to sit in a fun car and watch a movie while they cut her hair. She looks so pretty!

Notice the fun slide in the background

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Alicia said...

SHREK! Oh man... we've gone from Shrek to Madagascar, to Monsters Inc , to Tinkerbell, and now its Ratatouille... but we keep going around and around. Shrek is my favorite of the cycle. :) One of Makoa's first words was "Donkey". No kidding.