Thursday, May 28, 2009


It is now 2:30... Have I fallen asleep at all yet? NO! And it is all because the neighbors have seem to have taken on a dog and it is in a kennel...outside...and has been barking since 11:00 pm. It has not even stopped once! I am so tired and am getting so frustrated that I have cried at least 3 times! I tried turning on the tv and listening to my ipod which worked until I turned them off, and then the barking and the barking and the BARKING !!!!! I am seriously going crazy and I wish I could shoot it! AHHHHHHHH! No sleep for me tonight I guess.


Leilani said...

That stinks. Can't you call the cops?

lizdye said...

YOu should call the pound, they will just get a ticket, but hopefully it will show them that they cant leave a barking dog out all night.

Alicia said...

that really really sucks. You need to talk to your neighbors, or call someone else to handle it. That's so not cool. I bet you're not the only one its bugging!