Thursday, May 14, 2009

The baby is a....

Well, what do you think? haha!

Sorry that the picture is blurry, but if you really can not see it, the baby has "outdoor plumbing" as the nurse put it. haha! We are really excited to have one of each and it will be a whole new adventure having a little boy around. Christian is really happy that his name will live on. He was convinced that we were going to have all was I!
The only problem now is that we had only a girl name picked out and we can not seem to agree on ANY boy names! I need your help! Just so you know what I am up against, here are the names that Christian likes.
Roman (I don't think so)
Korvin (a slight possibility if it grows on me)
Liam (perhaps)
Some names that I like and Christian HATES are
Since we can not agree, we need some new ideas. We would like a name that could match well with the middle name of Christian or Michael. We also like the name Wyatt, but Wyatt Webb sounds a bit silly. What do you think? This may be a HUGE problem!
Here is a profile picture of the little guy.
And a shot of the face although you can not see it very well at all because this is a picture of a picture.


Miss Heather said...

Congrats, Carli. I'm really happy for you guys! My vote is for Parker. I think Parker Michael is a nice name. :)

Veronica said...

Ah, nothing like a little penis startring back at you. I like Liam. Really strong!

Jill said...

I like Korvin because it sounds good with Kennedy and Webb.
If we ever have a boy we are going to name him Cody Christian (Christian being my madden name and Cody from a favorite cousin of mine!)

Sarah said...

What a GREAT outdoor plumbing picture! I love it! Boys are seriously so awesome, and COMPLETELY different from girls. It will amaze you.
I can't give you any ideas on names, just that Bryan and I have the same problem too. You have a few more months to figure it out, or you can name him 'Boy'. HA! :)

Miss April Perry said...

AWWWW FUN! Thanks for posting the pictures, it was fun to see! I like Korvin and Carter. But I know you're looking for new names! Hmm! This is fun!
Okay, I totally just thought of some AND I looked at a website with celtic boys names. (I LOVE celtic names) Not sure if you're like them, but here a few that sound good with Webb and either middle name:

Alex Christian Webb,
Devan Michael Webb,
Kylan Michael Webb,
Layne Michae/Christian Webb, Graham Michael Webb,
Elliot Christian Webb,
Gunner Michael Webb,
Levi Christian Webb.
tell me what you think?!

p.s. save my new/updated blogg address!

krystle said...

wow these past few days i've grown to really like the name Liam! i could really see him running around your house with Kennedy and growing up to be the boy ever girl wants ^_^ so Liam is my likes it too

The House that James Built said...

liam and grayson are my favs! you are a DOMESTIC diva and i need some impressed with all your talents!