Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Few Things

I realize that I have been quite the blog slacker lately. I feel like I have had so much going on and I have been forgetting everything! I blame it on my "pregnancy" brain, but seriously! I have been a slacker in practically every area! Anyway, since it has been a while, I have a few things to post about.
First off, a couple of weeks ago, my grandparents came to town from California. Grandpa had never met Kennedy before so it was fun to get to visit with them for a while.

Last weekend, we were able to go the the Ren Faire out in the middle of nowhere. We watched some shows, did some shopping, ate food and really yummy homemade root beer and pet some animals. Kennedy had a lot of fun getting her hand painted and playing with the horses. She really loves animals. We noticed that her head was getting sunburned despite the sunblock we put on her, so we bought her this cute little hat. Overall, it was pretty fun, but it was a long day.
And yes, that it my husband dressed in some ridiculous robe.
I know this is a long post so I will make the rest short. We have just been having a lot of fun in the nice, warm weather. Christian and Kennedy made a fort out of the box that our new bed came in and they played in it for hours! I thought it was really cute!

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Sarah said...

oh my gosh, is Christian wearing MUTTON???!