Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Christian and I were able to go to Vegas this weekend...without Kennedy! It was kind of sad to leave her because she was sick, but she did okay without us for a few days. We drove down and had to stop at Jack in the box in Saint George since there are none near Salt Lake. Then, we had to have In n' Out as soon as we got to Vegas because it is my favorite place and I feel good enough to eat lots of food now!
hanging out at the pool

The Whale...haha. I am 4 months preggo so at least I have an excuse.
Another tummy shot
We stayed at the South Point Resort which is a new hotel. It was really nice! It had a lot of restaurants to eat at and a nice pool and hot tub. The best part is that they gave us $25.00 in free slot play and we won enough money off of that to pay for all of our food while we were there! Lucky hu? We did not even have to use any of our own money. We had fun laying out by the pool, hanging out in an amazing hot tub with a waterfall, walking the strip and shopping for souvenirs. Oh, and the food! So yummy!
Better this side than the other.
Paris hotel in the background
Me playing the chicken game at Circus Circus (I used to play this when I was little)
We took WAY too many pictures, so I will only post a few of them. We had a great time and I hope we can do it again soon. It was so nice and warm and relaxing! Last but not least, if you missed the post before this, I am having a giveaway on my blog. You get to choose any one item from my blog or my Etsy shop if you win. And you get an extra entry for spreading the word on your own blog or following Kennabootique. It is going on until May 3rd at midnight to hurry!

Christian wanted his picture with this guy
Our hotel...taken from the car
Old town Las Vegas
Me in old town


Sarah said...

k, totally not related to this post, but I was blog surfing and I JUST came from another blog that had the same song playing! Totally random!
Aaah, how I would love to have a weekend with just me and Bry... but it won't happen for a while, boo! It looks like you two had so much fun. How great it is to recharge!

Sarah said...

BTW, The only reason I didn't enter in the giveaway is because I have boys, and they are a tad too old for what you sell. But I LOVE the wipes cases! Soooooo cute! When we have a girl I am totally stocking up! And I promoted your etsy shop on my blog... :)

...April* said...

FUNNNN!!! I wanna go on vacation! I'm glad you're feeling better and that you guys got to get away. p.s. sorry to hear about your phone, that's no fun at all! 801-473-8283.