Sunday, October 12, 2008

What the heck happened to FALL???

I love fall. I love the cooler weather, the changing colors and Halloween! When I moved to Utah, everyone said "I love it here because you get all 4 seasons!" Well, I want to know WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO FALL??? This week, it was really hot out. I took Kennedy for a walk to the park and was sweating the whole way there and back. I thought to myself "man, it will sure be nice when the fall weather comes." So then, last night it SNOWS!!! And it stuck! I said I was a fan of fall, but I HATE winter! I think we missed a season out here and I want it back!

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Miss Heather said...

Ha ha ha... you're so cute. I actually love LOVE the winter... even though Fall is nice. :o)