Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I only have a few pics from tonight, because I took most of my pictures on another camera which I do not have at the moment. SAD! We did not even get a family shot because I was "the girl who wore no makeup" for Halloween, and I did not want to catch that on camera. haha! Well, at least we had a fun night. We went to our friends neighborhood to trick or treat and we are so glad that we did! Their neighborhood was FULL of kids and even haunted houses! It was so amazing! Kennedy had a great time, but was done trick or treating after about 10 houses. We had a great time! I love Halloween!

Kennedy and her friend Quinn (Indiana Jones)


Leilani said...

Kennedy looks too cute as a witch. Does she have pink hair too? Hey, when are you coming to Houston and how long are you staying? Will you be here when the Twilight movie comes out?

earlh75 said...

Her costume is so cute. I never pose for pictures on halloween for the same reason. I'm also glad it was so warm this year it made it so nice.

I wished my kids wore out that easy..We walked amost 2 miles.