Monday, November 17, 2008

Renaissance Festival

This weekend, we went to the Renaissance  Festival in Magnolia, TX. I was expecting a small festival with a few shops and shows, but this thing was HUGE! We were there from about noon til 6:00 pm and still did not get to see a lot of stuff. They had man powered rides, elephant rides, petting zoos, shows, games, fortune tellers and tons of fun things to do and see. My camera ran out of batteries half way through, so I will have to post the rest of the pictures from my moms phone later. The sad part about all of this...My Husband would have LOVED this place! It was full of geeky people dressed in the gear of the renaissance era and people fighting with foam weapons. One of the pictures I have below shows a guy with no shirt and it was 50 degrees outside! There were also tons of half naked girls too! Sorry you missed it honey! And one last thing...My mother spent a fortune to get my fortune told. I am talking tarot cards and my palm read. Here are the highlights of what she told me.
2. I will have at least 3 children (she told my sis she would only have 1...ha ha)
3. In 2 months time, things will turn around for the best
4. I am a communicator and a healer
5.  I let my emotions get the best of me.
Now I am not saying that I believe in fortune tellers or anything, but she did a pretty good job at reading me and my sis and my mom. It was pretty fun stuff!We bought Kennedy a "Plague Rat"! Nasty huh? But she loved it!

This was one of my favorite shops! The had the coolest candles and soaps here.
One of the many man powered rides there.
This show was so funny. THe characters in the play were named Testiclees, Scroto and evil queen Hernia (and that is my mom in the pink)
Here I am getting beheaded!

No, these people were not posing for a picture, but I took one anyway. :)
My mom and sis with Kennedy


Sarah said...

how fun! I totally love the Highland Games when they come around every summer. Bryan has never been and since we've been married it's come and gone without our attending... one day! It sounds like a lot of fun!

Alicia States said...

Wow! What a blast! That would have been soooo neat!