Monday, November 17, 2008

Last day in Texas

I have had so much fun while I have been here in Texas! I got to hang out with old friends, eat at a lot of fun places, spend time with my family and learn to sew! Just to warn you all, in the next couple of days, I will probably overload this thing with pictures from our fun trip. I am just sad that it is coming to an end so quickly. Also, I want to start up an Etsy account to sell blankets, tutus and whatever else I can come up with or sew...the only problem is that I am not feeling to creative on the name of my site. My mom likes Carli couture, I like Cuddly couture and that is pretty much all we can come up with. PLEASE send me your ideas. And to reward you, I will give you the first blue blanket I have ever made! That being said, it is far from perfect. The edging is crooked and the material has a few bunches in it, but it is still VERY cute if you just wanted it for your baby. Here are a couple pictures of it. I guess you can call this a little contest. Whoever comes up with the coolest name gets the blanket...if you even want it. Ha ha! By the way, this is a 12x12 mini taggie blanket. You can see in the pics that the right bottom side is messed up, but pretty okay for my first try! Happy naming

These next pictures are of Kennedy at the petting zoo at the renaissance festival. Besides being knocked over by a goat, she had a great time petting all the animals. She is defiantly an animal lover!


Lanette Sanders said...

Or Cuddly Crafts or a single word like Inspired or Embellish. I don't know! I'm just happy you're joining the Etsy world!

earlh75 said...

I like 'Carli's Unique Creations'..or 'Cutsies from Carli'..ok that was cheesy but fun and catchy! I am not good at names, I have wanted to open a Bakery for sometime now..but I don't know what I would call it. I like the unique names they stand out and get more attention I think.