Friday, November 14, 2008

Post without Pictures

I always feel guilty when I do a post without pictures for some reason...stupid hu? So I decided to just do a post with no pictures just to write some stuff and get it off my shoulders. Some are just little thoughts that I have.

- Is there any more of a downer than knowing that you have to go back home after a great vacation and get back to the real world?

- Why do bad things happen to such great should go the opposite way.

- Why do so many drug addicts and abusers get to have babies when there are so many wonderful people who can not get pregnant?

- 20/20 was crazy tonight...MEN having BABIES? Give me a freaking break! I feel bad for the child who has to endure life being made fun of because she was ordered online and artificially inseminated into her "father"! WHAT THE?

- I love STORMS...I say that because there is one gong on right now. I love the wind and the thunder and the rain.

-Why am I writing such a random post?

- How much longer are the gays going to protest the prop 8 thing? They say mormons are hateful? Look who is giving death threats to us and tell me who is hateful!

- The media is so one sided that it makes me want to VOMIT!

-I am wearing a green facial mask at this very moment.

- I did not notice how many of my friends have strong Texan accents when I lived here...but I sure do notice them now. 

- Last one, Does anyone in Texas NOT drink beer besides me? haha!

I don't know what possessed me to write such a random post. I just felt like writing and so I did. I'll try to do an actual post later. 


Lanette Sanders said...

Hey, I've been thinking about you. Hope everything is going well. Looks like you had a great time on vacation... vacations are wonderful. Let's hang again.

Sarah said...

Cute... we really do think alike! :)

sandi said...

Carli~ Christians cousin Sandi here. I love this random post. And I love that you can express what a lot of us are thinking! I didn't realize that you guys are living in TX. You know that we live in TX. and guess what.... we don't drink beer!! so that is at least 2 of us. And to the druggies that have babies... Just place them for adoption to the wonderful people that can't get pregnant so that they can have a chance at life!

sandi said...

Ok, sorry I just realized that you don't live in TX but just had visited. My bad! But still we are here and we don't drink!!