Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I got my first blog award! Thanks Alicia! Although my blog has not been very note worthy lately (for good reason), I will try harder now that I know that somebody actually reads my blog and ENJOYS it! Yeah! So, the rules are that I now have to nominate my favorite five blogs. If yours is nominated, please place the image at the top on your blog, and then nominate your 5 favorite blogs too!

1. Go Claytons- This is my cousin, Christina's, adventures of moving her family of 5 to Switzerland and all of the craziness that goes along with learning new languages, cultures and crazy school schedules. In fact, her newest blog is about how she might be arrested for speeding (but she says she will move out of there before she spends one night in jail.) Check out all her past blogs too. It is pretty hilarious.

2. The States Ohana- I am not nominating Alicia because she nominated me, it is because I just love to read her blog! Her boys are like 16 months apart and it is fun to read how she handles that! I also LOVE her photography!

3. A Daily Scoop- I do not know this woman personally, but her story has touched me. She is an LDS woman who lost her baby girl this summer in her hot tub. She writes about her feelings on what happened and she has so much faith that she will be with her little girl again soon. It is a wonderful blog so check it out if you can. She even has a link so that you can start from the beginning of her daughters story.

4. Seriously so Blessed- Seriously SOOOOO FUNNY! Thanks for introoducing it to me Libby!

5. Hair for my princess- Since I am really bad at doing hair, I go to this website to learn REALLY cute hair styles for Kennedy.

So, there you go! Check out these blogs and I don't think you will be disapointed!

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lizdye said...

Holy Magoly, I love to read your fav blogs. Im jealous of your cuz in Switzerland. I wish I was there. I also love your mini blankets, they are super mini and super cute.