Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is Kennedy's most favorite word. All I ever hear is "NO, NO, NO" all day long! Maybe it is because she hears it from me when she spills out the cat water, eats the cat food, climbs up n the computer desk, takes ornaments off of the tree, plays in the toilet, throws her food on the ground and hits! Yes...she hits now! I hate it. I did not think that the terrible two's happened at 15 months old. What the heck? Did any of your kids start hitting this early? I tell her no, but it has not stopped her yet. She has not hit any kids yet, just us. But between that and her little one year old attitude, I think I am in for a L O N G terrible twos/horrible threes stage. NO!


Krystle said...

telling her "no" hasn't stopped her from hitting yet? hmmm...maybe you should try something new lol

Sarah said...

I've found that the terrible twos comes in stages; it waxes and weans. But watch out! Once they hit two it;s like a switch went off: they are so full of intense emotion and they don't know WHAT to do with it or how to express it, hence the tantrums!
I've never had to deal with hitting, but Lincoln is a thrower. He will throw anything and it is so annoying! I don't have any suggestions for that at all, just be consistent??? ARGH! :)

Alicia States said...

Hey Carli! Sorry I've been MIA. Oh man... Makoa when through a "NO" phase... twice. But we try not to say "No" to him because thats how he picked it up. Instead, of saying we "no", we say "Please Don't (fill in the blank)"... well, most of the time I try to do that... its the theory anyway. As for hitting, Makoa has started hitting me latelym and it really hurts my feelings! I've tried pretend crying, and he'll stop and give me a hug but it hasnt stopped it altogether.... hmm... I'll keep trying different tactics and let you know if any of them work!

Adrien said...

I second your friend Alicia. We try not to use no and rather just explain don't do this or please stop. Hence Baylee does not use no and just shakes her head when she means no in normal stuff. We hear yeah a thousand times more than no. And she can't say her s sound so stop cannot be repeated!
As for the hitting...Baylee has taken up that art about a month ago. She did hit her friends when she felt threatened by toy stealing. But has moved past hitting them. I haven't been able to get her to not hit me or the cat. She doesn't hit her dad...go figure. I reprimand normally and I gave her one spanking yesterday for it and pulled out the angry voice, but I know spanking is controversial to many. Haven't gotten whacked again since the spanking, so maybe she understood.
My doctor said it best...there is no such thing as terrible 2's it starts when the child is smart enough to test us and ends when it flows into the teenage zone and just gets renamed. Good luck with your spirited little lady.

Leilani said...

Matthew hits me all the time. It's playful of course, but still hurts. Ailona is always saying, "Matthew don't hit Momma, that's not nice. Be soft." I hope she grows out of hitting and saying no all the time. I'm thankful Matthew hasn't gotten that word down yet.