Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I Love to see babies firsts. Their first real smile, first laugh and all of their first discoveries. unfortunately, I am really bad at documenting them. This morning, I saw Liam trying to roll over and I caught this just in time! How lucky is that? He is too sweet. You can hear Kennedy saying "yay" at the end.

On the subjects of firsts, I just finished potty training my first child! HOORAY! She all of the sudden does so well. She even tells me she has to go when we are out in public now and uses the potty at restaurants! I am so happy! Her new favorite thing is to dress up like a princess...fingernails and all. Such a fun girl!

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lizdye said...

Oh my heck! Olive is older than your baby and still just a bump on a log. That is the luckiest video shot ever! I always miss what Im trying to catch. have fun in cali!