Thursday, February 12, 2009


As Kennedy and I left for work this morning, it was snowing pretty hard. Kennedy pointed and said "snow, snow". I had no idea that she even knew that word. She just loves the snow. She loves to leave her foot prints in it, throw it and eat it. (gross I know!)I just took a few pictures of her playing in the snow and wanted to post them. Also, one more funny thing happened tonight. Kennedy's grandma and cousin were here and her little cousin fell and started to cry. Grandma picked him up and loved him. Seeing this, Kennedy wanted her glory. She laid down on the floor and started to fake cry and looked to make sure that her grandma was looking. When she looked, Kennedy grabbed her head like she was hurt and awaited to be held. She is too funny. Who knew that a 17 month old could play you like that? Not me! Oh, how fun it will be when she is jealous of a new baby in the house.
Kennedy eating snow

Falling asleep to the ipod

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Krystle said...

carli i'm telling you that little girl is smart! she knows what she's doing and she can't play me. LOVE YOU