Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hot water

Last night, I was turning the shower knobs to get the shower the exact heat that I wanted it. It takes a few seconds to get really hot and I was getting impatient. I actually said out loud "get hot please, get hot!" It was then that I thought back to the pioneers and how they did not have the luxury to take a hot shower! I thought "how in the world did they live?" "What did they do after a hard day without being able to jump in to a hot shower and relax?" I began to feel very grateful that I even have hot water to use. Sometimes I just waste all of the hot water as I let it pour over me and relax my muscles. I am so thankful that I have a house to live hot water to sit in! This is such a random post, but man, I LOVE hot water! LOVE IT!


Alicia said...

Yes! Yes! Really truly I am also sooo thankful for Hot Water! Thank you for reminding me about such a blessing that we should not take for granted!

Jill said...

Carli - I am still making and selling slings ... $30, you pick the color pallet, ships free.