Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Oh, the joys of motherhood! Kennedy is sick...yet again...and was up from 2-5:00am coughing her poor little lungs out. It must have hurt cause she cried out a few times after a spout of coughs. It is so sad (for her and for me). Cause if she does not sleep, we don't sleep! Here's to wishing for a good nights sleep tonight! Poor girl was so sick, she thought that the cat was her pillow!


Sarah said...

Do you guys have a humidifier? That helped SO MUCH for us! You can get steamless ones at walmart or target so you won't have to worry about little hands getting burned! They are pretty inexpensive, too. But so worth the good night's sleep!

Alicia said...

im sorry! this is a rotten time for coughs and colds! both my boys are sick too! were trying a humidifier tonight.