Friday, April 4, 2008


It has been a while since I last wrote. Part of the reason is because I have been busy chasing a very curious and busy baby! She is seriously all over the place. If
I turn away for 2 seconds she is making a mess of the cat water or getting lost under the coffee table. I am not used to chasing her around quite yet, but I am learning FAST! Besides that, the most exciting part of the week was winning a movie making program on ebay! I got it for WAY cheap and am so excited to start making videos to put up on this blog. I even found our video camera charger so I am all set! Be on the lookout for cute videos. YAY! Last Saturday, I went to the Baby Expo, and I went CRAZY to say the least! I got Kennedy a cute package of Pixie Trumpette socks, some baby legs, a onsie from Rachelli, and some cute pictures from a professional photographer! Kennedy's grandma Linda bought her a cute Zoobie Pet with her name on it too. It was a lot of fun to buy cute stuff for her! I am sure I will think of more stuff to write later. That is what I get for waiting so long to write a new post!


Krystle said...

you and your ebay lol which program did you get?

Chambers Family said...

With a cutie like that it's no wonder the Baby expo holds so much for her! I hope you survive that stage! I want more babies until they get to that stage and then I can't keep up with them:) They're worth it though - no matter how many times you have to vaccuum in a day. Good luck. Brooklyn is getting closer to that point!