Thursday, April 10, 2008

family faves and non faves

carli loves: reading, playing with Kennedy, doing puzzle books, watching tv when she can, going out with her hubby, sleeping, warm weather, being with friends, chicken strips with honey mustard, shopping, blogging, movies and family!

Christian loves: me, playing computer games, playing drums, wrestling with Kennedy, being crazy, movies, chocolate covered tootsie rolls, dr. Pepper, reading books about wars and playing with me and kenna.

Kennedy loves: eating everything, crawling, standing, bath time, daddy's funny faces and noises, cuddling with mommy, jumping in her bouncer seat, dancing to music, making funny noises, examining things, getting tossed in the air, smiling and being around mom and dad.

Carli dislikes: being tickled, early mornings, cold weather, extreemly dumb people, hard rock music, mushrooms, clowns, getting sick, cleaning up clutter, noisy neighbors, our car, gas prices and hilary Clinton.

Christian dislikes: flying, heights, mayonaise, our car, people who don't pay their rent, rap music, people with really bad breath and illegal aliens mooching off of tax paying Americans.

Kennedy dislikes: falling, bumping her head on stuff, being in her crib, being put in her car seat after a long day, sippy cups and poopie diapers.


Veronica said...

Why don't you like Hilary??????????????????????

Kunz Family said...

Kennedy is so cute! We think she looks a lot like Christian! :)

Chambers Family said...

What kind of car do you have? I don't like mushrooms either. Dave tried to get me to like them on our honeymoon when we went to Outback Steakhouse, but he didn't know that they marinated in beer. They were even worse than normal! Too bad, I still don't like them.:)

...George & April* said...

I LOVE your family picture, its so cute! I read your post and thought it was so cute, so I mentioned to Christian how it thought the illegal aliens and tax paying Americans part was hilarious and he was like, "what?" so I read him the whole post through the cubical wall and he was cracking up. I can tell he misses you already. Have a good time with your family!
By the way, save our blog! :)

Raadgep Fam said...

Thank you for your wondeful comment! I am gla dthat I get to read your blog. I actually have been reading your blog for about 1 mth. I found you first hahahahh. lol